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I'm big on supporting DD and her teachers in any way that I can. My outlook is "let's work together". If DD needs extra help, I appreciate when her teachers stay after with her. I'll send in a godiva chocolate bar or similiar candy as a thank you. They know to email me if they need advil, coffee, or tissues. Heck her kindergarten teacher was getting coffee from me when DD was in 5th grade.

At the end of last year, the nurse told me to email all DD's new teachers about an issue she has. DD passed out 2x and almost passed out 1x last year at school. One of the times she hit her head on the floor. It scared her teachers, other students, and I. Each time was related to seeing or hearing about blood. So I sent out the email last week since school started this week. A few teachers replied with a thank you for the heads up.:smile

One of her teachers came up to me when I was at the school this morning. She wanted to make sure she fully understood what makes DD pass out, discuss what she was going to be teaching, and let me know she gets the same way at the dentist. The teacher said she is changing a small part of her lesson plan to ensure DD is ok. How awesome is she! I could have hugged her, but since I had literally just met her I restrained myself.

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Awww... love this!

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Not all teachers are that good... I'd have said "Suck it up buttercup" and made her dissect a frog.

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Cute phrase. I hear you.

Her school is big on communication. When she passed out and hit her head last year, it swelled. Both of her science teachers reached out to us that night to see how she was. They are rockstars in my book. I don't take it for granted.

The teacher has decided not to discuss suicides by sword during a war. She could have said that DD could stand in the hall for that portion. I didn't ask her to change her lesson plans, but it was nice that she offered. I have a sibling that is a teacher and I see what she goes through.

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That's awesome, Jo.

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That's so sweet.

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