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Default  Posted: 5:33 PM, September 13th (Friday)

Great. The OW is now a named tropical storm. Well, if she turns into a hurricane, how appropriate, a big blow with no regrets.

What's in a name? One of the biggest triggers I have. We do not use her given name, ever. Anybody else get a flipped tummy when you hear the AP name?

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Cool  Posted: 6:00 PM, September 13th (Friday)

I don't like to play the guess who I saw today game anymore!! I always visualize the OW. Then I have to giggle to myself.

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Default  Posted: 6:07 PM, September 13th (Friday)

Yes. My counselor had the same name as OW. It was hard at first but I was determined not to let her have ANY power over me.

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Default  Posted: 10:12 AM, September 16th (Monday)

Yes, her name is the same as mine, just spelled "phoenetically" I guess that makes it more sparkly.

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Default  Posted: 10:14 AM, September 16th (Monday)

Her name is my middle name. It sucks, but I can't do anything about it.

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Default  Posted: 10:14 AM, September 16th (Monday)

My STBX OW was called Pig by everyone and even by him. He used to tell me how HUGE she was.

Try not being able to eat anything made out of Pig now

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Default  Posted: 10:36 AM, September 16th (Monday)

Her name is like the most popular effing name there is, except, she spells it with a Y instead of the correct spelling with an I. I hate that effing name. Hate it. And yes, it turns my stomach every time I hear it.

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Default  Posted: 10:41 AM, September 16th (Monday)

I see chickies name all over the place. I found a great new website --- right up until HER name was at the bottom of an article. Her last name is a pretty common word in our household and when I'm feeling especially vindictive I have the habit of using her nickname in place of the common word. Drives wh mad. I figure eh..... If some bozo (wh) wants to make a last night into a code name for his phone contacts then I can use it all I want!

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Default  Posted: 10:54 AM, September 16th (Monday)

Hurricane Sandy

My abusive mom's name AND the name of my friend, xOw1.

Not too long ago my 8yo DD wanted to name one of her dolls Charlotte (xOw2). I told her no, let's pick another name. She asked why and I told her it was the name of someone who hurt me. I'd rather not hear it. No, it doesn't have power over me, but I'd prefer not hear it from DD, KWIM? I did toy with giving our dog that name, if it was a female...just as an inside b!tch joke

The name has only the power you give it. Say it. Write it on scraps of paper and throw them in the toilet before you pee. Make up insulting rhymes.

Don't let this crap control you. You control it. You can. Like a bully you stand up might flinch occasionally. You might hurt. But you won't get wounded over and over once you take back your power over a word.

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Default  Posted: 6:47 PM, September 16th (Monday)

I like the "throw it into the toilet bowl before you pee" one. I also have heard tape it to the bottom of your shoe and go for a nice long walk.

My tummy does flips as well when I hear her name. Or even any names that rhyme with it. I can spit her name out and not feel the cartwheels in my belly...but if WH calls her by anything other than "her or she" I get angry!

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