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User Topic: Happy Birthday to me
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Default  Posted: 1:08 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Trying to muster up the thankfulness to feel blessed to have another birthday. I am healthy, alive, have a job, a roof over my head, food and clothing. (and course my laptop - what would I do without that?)

I remember clearly last year on this day crying because my father said he was too sick to come over and I was thinking, but he may not be here for my next birthday...I was angry too.

I sat home alone last night feeling a little blue because my "best" friend whom is not really a best friend anymore did not ask if I wanted to go out or anything. She just put a card in my mailbox 3 days ago, saying have fun on your birthday. Even if she couldn't do anything this weekend, there was no offer of another time. So, here I sat stuffing my face and watching the Golden Girls. I guess throwing the ol pity party, but trying to also remind myself that not every birthday is eventful and not every birthday has a celebration with it. I had a hectic week and needed to relax anyway.

My boys are with their Dad and they did not call me.

My mom did ask if I want to go to lunch today or movies and I think I will take her up on the movie offer because I was going to go by myself. I've come to realize my mom really is my only best friend.
And now that I'm older, I realize that's not a bad thing at all, in fact I'm lucky to still have my mom here with me. More than lucky.

Hoping 41 will be a good year and hoping I will not look another year older.

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Default  Posted: 1:23 PM, September 15th (Sunday)


Hope you have a wonderful day...Enjoy your mother, I wished I had mine back to enjoy my birthday with this year...

Enjoy your time with her with no children...Don't hold it against them,,they are just kids...They wouldn't hurt your feelings for nothing...You are their mother and they love you..You have always been there for them...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY click4it....

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Default  Posted: 1:24 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Happy birthday Click! I've a few like that too. There will be better days and better birthdays.

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Default  Posted: 2:04 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Happy Birthday to you!
Think of it this way--you are spending your birthday with the best person you know--your super-fabulous-wonderful-special self.

And of course your thousands of SI friends.

I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

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Default  Posted: 2:50 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Happy birthday, clickie. I love you, girl.

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Default  Posted: 3:28 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Happy Birthday!!! A movie sounds like a great idea.

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Default  Posted: 4:35 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Aww, click. Big Happy Birthday hugs, honey!!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your Mom.

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Default  Posted: 4:56 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Happy Birthday, click!!!! Hope you have a fabulous day! Cherish your time with your mom. Let us know what movie you end up seeing and how it went.

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Default  Posted: 5:01 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Happy Birthday click.

***warning - Australian sarcasm humour***

watching the Golden Girls

Maybe that's the problem

Sorry you find yourself feeling down on your birthday and reflecting on painful things like your dad, the boys and your "friend".

My mum has also become my bff during this saga. Definitely go see a movie. Its all about you today, do what makes you happy.

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Default  Posted: 10:38 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

thank you everyone for the well wishes.

love ya too nanners.

Me and my mom saw "We are the Millers". Was funny.

Me: 42
Two boys: 17 and 14
Divorced 12-13-05
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Default  Posted: 10:44 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Happy Birthday!!!

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Default  Posted: 11:24 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

thank you peri.

Me: 42
Two boys: 17 and 14
Divorced 12-13-05
d-day 10-02-01

Laughter will cure life's ills. Have you had your laugh today?

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Default  Posted: 11:30 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Happy birthday!! I love birthdays. I am glad you enjoyed your movie and time with your mom.

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Default  Posted: 11:37 PM, September 15th (Sunday)

Happy birthday! Enjoy your mom. Mine lives 7000 miles away and in the past 17 years I have only seen her once on my birthday.

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Default  Posted: 12:15 AM, September 16th (Monday)

Happy birthday click!!! I'm glad you had fun with your Mom. I turned 50 on the 5th and had no celebration. My family and bff live 3000 miles away.


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