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Its been a long time since I have started a post. I've been busy shooting my mouth off in other forums. I have kind if made a big life decision. Now that my mountain home is just about done I have decided to live there full time. I find that my life is more peaceful and I like the solitude. I have been spending most of my time there anyway so I might as well just move there. As its in a rural zone I had to go to the post office and open a box. It should be available by this Wednesday and now I can start getting mail and establish residence. I'll have to get a new drivers license and register my car there. It will be funny cause I have been using the same NY license picture since I was 30. Now that I'm 51 its time to update my pic. The cost of living there is so much cheaper than NYC and now that I'm retired its time to start worrying about how much I spend.

I will still keep my house in NY as I own it with my sister and her H. This way if it don't work out I always have a place to go. My sister is not too happy about it but we spoke and she will rent out my apartment to subsidize my part of the household expenses. It sort of breaks even money wise anyhow. I got the house in the country as a get away place. But I have renovated it to a year round residence so it should be very comfy come this winter. So I have come full circle in my life. From living alone to getting M and having children to getting D and living alone again to buying a house with my sister and BIL to living alone again. I'm in a good place with myself and like my own company. I have my dog as a companion and I hope this works out. If not I can always pack up my truck and go back to the city.

It should be fun to watch my urbanite ass fit in with the country folk. And I'm only a couple of hours drive should I need a fix of the city. I really have nothing here except my son who I will still see regularly. I'll drive to Brooklyn to get him for my bi-weekly visitation and bring him home. It will be a bit of a drive but that's OK. I can always rest up at my sisters on Sunday when I drop him off and go home the following Monday. Perhaps I'll even meet a lady friend. That don't seem to be happening for me here. Maybe its time to seek a greener pasture on the love farm LOL. I'm not going because of that, but ya never know what life brings you. So that's my update. I'll still be around to pipe in with my two cents of advice. Here's to another NB for me.

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You've had the same picture on your license since you were 30?? We have to reshoot every five years LOL.

Sounds like you have all the bases covered. Bliss!

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Growing up in Dutchess County and hearing folks from the city refer to Upstate as the country always makes me smile. I never think of it that way. I'm guessing by "mountain" you're referring to the Catskills? My son and I did some flyfishing up there in June when we went up to visit mom.

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I am referring to the Poconos Sean. I actually did another state all together. LOL. And yes Dutchess County was upstate for me as well.

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Congrats stronger

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Welcome to PA, Stronger!

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Good deal Stronger. I'm happy for you. All the best as you make a new home in the hills.

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Congratulations Stronger. You might find that the country isn't so much country anymore. Sure, it will be a lot slower than NYC, but civilization has encroached in most places.

My brother moved to the souther Catskills/Delaware Water Gap area about 12 years ago, and he and his wife have quite a social life Jobs are generally the problem, but not yours it seems

I've moved to the country too, but I am living in a very small urban area for the time being. I love it.

Good luck.

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Goin all Jeremiah Johnson on us are ya?

Love it!
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My brother moved to the souther Catskills/Delaware Water Gap area about 12 years ago

It's a real pretty area out that way. We fished the Beaverkill, Willowemoc, East and West Branches on a couple of float trips. Can't wait to go back in the spring. But still deciding if I want to take him up to the Adirondacks instead.

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Great update, Stronger. Enjoy your newest NB.

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Fab! After D I live alone in a very rural part of CA, 6 miles from a 'town' of 1500. I love it. Piecing together various income streams is the biggest challenge for me, I'm self employed and travel to the big city a couple times a month where my work is most appreciated, 3.5 hours away.
I love heating my home with wood and feeling close to wild nature. I've gotten better at animal tracking including bird language as a result.

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Very cool, Stronger. I bet you will have some great views when it snows.

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Good for you! I live in "upstate" NY too...pretty civilized here!

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You will do fine.

I live on 80 acres, very beautiful and peaceful but isolated. You take the good with the bad.

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