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STBXWW left about 3 weeks ago. She seems to be carrying on woth her friends as if nothing is happening. I want to change my Facebook relationship status so that all our mutual friends see it but I'm not sure it's a good idea. She is unstable bordeline personality disorder and I'm afraid it will send her off. I need the divorce to go reasonably smoothly.

Anyone deal with this before?

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Have not been through that but it sounds like a good way to generate drama. If you plan to change your status you should explain why as succinctly and neutrally as possible and be prepared for the gossip rounds at the very least. Otherwise if the D is going through soon then if it was me, I'd wait until it was final then change it to Single/Divorced or whatever relationship status they have there now.

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You can just change that part of your status blank which is what I did when I split with my XH. I didnt want drama by changing itto single but didnt want to be listed as married when I was no longer in my eyes...

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I looked at it several different ways. If you have children, tread lightly. I am 22 months out, divorce almost final. About 6 months after d-day I just removed any info about relationship. A few weeks after the divorce is final, I will probably put in as single.

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When I was divorcing my exH, I just hid my relationship status (changed my privacy settings to 'only me').

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I just changed mine to blank...but WS still has his as married. What's with that? He's the one who walked out!

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Mine is also blank. My theory is if you are really my "friend" then you know my status. If not, it is really none of your business.

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I have also made mine blank by changing my privacy settings. It is funny because my WH still says married just without "to eyeofthetiger" next to it.

When I did it, I made sure it didnt pop up on anyone's news feed that I changed anything.

Isn't it funny that part of what we worry about is out status on social media?


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