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Default  Posted: 6:01 AM, September 17th (Tuesday)

As my dd gets into the car yesterday from her afterschool program she excited asks, "Guess what names daddy and whore are going to use for the new baby!"

I think this is hitting me more than when they got married. I was the one that wanted kids at all. I was the one that pushed for #2. I know I wanted a third but things were pretty strained between ex and I at that point so it never happened. He NEVER WANTED KIDS! Now he turned out to be a pretty involved father, but really.

This better not inspire me to get a puppy!!!

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Default  Posted: 11:29 AM, September 17th (Tuesday)

Oh, I remember when I found out what they were naming OC. It just happened to be the SAME name my ex picked out if WE had a girl. We ended up with two boys, so never used the name.

During the divorce, I threatened to call her and tell her that we had picked that name out for our child as well. I never did though. The little girl was already three months old, lol. Ah well, none of it matters now. And remember, puppies are a lot of work. But at least you can crate them and tie them up without too much legal hassle, lol...

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