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DSS22 had his court hearing today for his D. His X cheated on him with at least 3 different OMs throughout much of their short M. He worked for her father who had him traveling throughout Texas and even out of state every day through the week. Then he would get his son on the weekend. Well he got screwed by the court who sided with his X who often is traveling with her OM and her parents are raising their child. So he gets his son 1 full week each month and 30 days in the summer.

He posted on FB that he was "Free at last". The first response he got was from his mother -xWW (she isn't MY anything). "Yeah. The witch is dead!"

I so want to post "If the witch is dead, how come she keeps asking for money!!!!"

I know... Take the high road. Yeah right. Screw the high road.

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Yep you're right, ga. Just roll your eyes and move on.


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Don't blame you for thinking of that at all, gahurts. Funny how people put their foot in their mouths so easily and have no clue that what they are tasting is toe jam.

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