User Topic: What type of dirt can PI's find??
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I am headed for the big D, but dealing with lots of trust issues. Two therapists have told me (one who has seen us both) that there is probably more to his story than I know. That is sounds like there is more, that he has really allowed darkness and evil into his life and now has addiction issues as a result.

It was suggested that I look into PI, to make sure there isn't anything that would make it unsafe for children and custody issues.

I don't know that much about it. What kind of stuff can they find out for you? Anyone know....

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I used to work for one. I did a lot of the reports in the office, not the actual investigations, and I put all the video's together.

It depends really on what you WANT to know. Financial? Internet/phone/computer history stuff? Where he goes when he's not with you??? I mean there is so much that is offered, I'm not sure how to answer.

I would NOT suggest that you just go searching through the yellow pages though. Check who they are associated with, like World Association of Detectives for instance is good.

Hope this helps.

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No personal experience here, but wanted to bump your thread up in case there were other members that did.

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