User Topic: 3 years out- Forgot Dday anti_versary
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So the A has been on my mind a little more lately. I was just doing some painting and my mind started to wonder there. I was doing what I normally do and trying to talk myself out of thinking about it and I wondered why it was on my mind more lately, then I realized it was near the anti-versary of D-day, so I went to look at the date and it's already passed. This is the first year I've forgotten about it, kind of makes me feel like celebrating. Maybe in time I won't even remember the day at all.

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Yay!! That's a good place to be.

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Congrats on reaching this milestone.

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That is what I aspire to. You are my hero. Still such a long way to go...

Congratulations, it is wonderful to hear that it is possible to get to where you are.

Thank you, really needed to read this today.

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I'm so pleased for you. One day I hope to be where you are.

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This is wonderful. Good for you!

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