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Well, my WGF had the baby on Friday. She looks exactly like me; yet, I am terrified to do the paternity test because I am just in love with this little girl. I can't imagine finding out she's not mine. I am almost certain my WGF never physically cheated (online EA). Frankly, at this point, I don't care what the results are, but I feel I should do it or it will eat at me.
My WGF wants me to do it, I've told her I don't care about it, but if she wants me to do it, I will.

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I can't begin to imagine the fear and pain of not knowing. I have some good guy friends, some of them here, who have been through this. You can lean on us.

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I know how you feel. I have questioned the paternity of my son since he was born. I suspected cheating which was confirmed Dday two years later.

This is just for me!!!! I had to look at my motivation. Was my motivation in the best interest of the child? Was my motivation in the best interest of myself? My real motivation was that I wanted to prove that my fWS was lying to me. Then what?
Again, just for me. I have found peace in being the best dad in the world to my son whether he is mine or not.

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