User Topic: Are they really all liars??
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I am so perplexed by this. I know somewhere inside of me that this is true, but I need some other opinions on the topic.

People, particularly OW, who gush about their perfect, awesome lives on social media - are they pretty much full of shit?? Is this what people really sit around and do to thumb their noses at the cyber world?

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Liars and/or just not willing to look at themselves objectively and honestly. Also, only showing what they think others will respond to and trying to make people think they're something that deep down they're not.

Or just full of shit. That too


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People who can''t exist without external validation tend to need a whole heck of a lot of self promotion and smoke and mirrors to make themselves look great superfically so that they get the admiration they must have in order to not collapse under the weight of their own lack of self worth.

i.e. yes, they are.

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Cayc, you are my new hero, lol. The perfect quote.

After I readit, I had this epiphany. I'm sitting here in peace, no burden of lies, cheating, etc. calm in my own skin, integrity running on all cylinders. And she's out there doing just what your quote said, and I thot, "Gee, that must be exhausting, living that facade". Literally exhausting.

Sorry Unfound, missed your quote the first time. It's excellent too!

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cayc awesome post! This is both my WH and the MOW. Losers oh I mean liars

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People who can't exist without external validation tend to need a whole heck of a lot of self promotion and smoke and mirrors to make themselves look great superfically so that they get the admiration they must have in order to not collapse under the weight of their own lack of self worth.

full of shit
^^^^^And this

Oh how I love the wisdom of SIers!

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They may not be pathological, but they have grandiose ideas about themselves, their kids, and their lives. And they think we are just dying to know all about it.

The social media hounds are symbolic basement dwellers. Remember the Brad Paisley song "Online"? YouTube it any time you need a reminder that, yes, they are usually lying.

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I think those people fall under two types. Either:

- they are lying


- they are ONLY presenting the best parts of their lives for the world to see, and leaving out the crap

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I used to belong to a stay at home mom group, and I would roll my eyes at all the women who would argue over who had the best husband. These are the same people who are now on FB presenting a fairy tale version of their lives. Still rolling my eyes, thinking "whatever!!". I mean, no one posts their bad hair day or their kid's failing report card, but I really think the more someone needs to brag, the more they are covering up.

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No. Some people really do have wonderful lives. And some of them post on social media. Not all are seeking external validation. Some are sharing their lives with the people they love.

I know it's hard to imagine, but it's true.

This is not to say that any life is without hardship---we all have trials. But the trials of some ---while certainly significant to them-- may be both more transient and not of the magnitude that we experience.

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