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User Topic: Ability to talk about anything
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Let me preface this by saying that my Wxh was very conflict avoidant and passive aggressive.

The guy that I'm seeing has been unable to see me because of multiple kid/work issues. I totally get that.

Last night, he texted my at bedtime, just to talk. I normally don't like to have deep discussions via text, but I don't like to talk on the phone either.

So, we texted for several hours in a conversation that meandered over several meaningful and difficult topics. It was actually very nice just to be able to have that "conversation" and not worry about upsetting him or having him go dark on me.

I am really enjoying this man and what he is willing to bring to me regarding his thoughts and perceptions.

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Sounds wonderful Williesmom

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That's some good stuff

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It was actually very nice just to be able to have that "conversation" and not worry about upsetting him or having him go dark on me.
It is really refreshing to be able to talk with someone and not feel you are having to skirt around issues or worry that something you say may set them off....

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