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Content  Posted: 10:38 PM, September 27th (Friday)

If you have a chance to see this movie please do. It is at it''s core, a heartwarming father daughter story, with themes of love & rising to the occasion when the shit hits the fan.

I was privileged to go to a private screening hosted by its director, writer & star Eugenio Derbez last night in Mexico City. If you know of him, he''s really known for comedies & his comedic sensibilities. There is definitely plenty to laugh at in the movie, but at the end you are left with bittersweet tears & a sense that you''ve witnessed what true love is.

FYI, it''s mostly in Spanish with English subtitles.

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Default  Posted: 10:46 PM, September 27th (Friday)

Ive seen it advertised. It looks very good.

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Default  Posted: 10:33 AM, September 28th (Saturday)

I read either an interview with Derbez or an article by him, I can't remember which, a handful of years ago. He seemed to have a warm, charming sense of humor. I never have seen his films but I'm thinking I need to. I'll start with the one you recommend then work backward.

We need an SI forum called "The Screening Room" for movie reviews (and trigger warnings).

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Default  Posted: 1:00 PM, September 28th (Saturday)

I saw it a couple weeks ago and I loved it! Highly recommend it.

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