User Topic: Karma Bus maybe???
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Default  Posted: 11:32 PM, September 27th (Friday)

I found out this week that the WW had a break-in at her home. Not that I am happy about it, but I think it occurred because of her behavior....

We broke up because of her multiple affairs, the latest of which involved her leaving the house every Thursday and staying the weekend with her douchebag OM and returning late Sunday night or Monday morning.

At the peak of her affair, she decided to kick our youngest son out of the house so he wouldn't be an impediment to her weekend trysts... I went with him and we moved out of state, about 1100 miles from the former marital home...

Fast-forward to this week. My sons (youngest and oldest) and I live in a nice house, only argue about pet cleanup duty and generally have a good life.

I find out rather backhandedly that she had experienced a break-in, where the thieves tried to steal some objects unsuccessfully but did take other things... This because she left the home alone week after week and somebody finally cased the place and took advantage. Additionally she finally decided to take the dogs with her on her weekend trips and, lo and behold, no dogs, no protection for the property.

I hate that thieves broke into our old place, but I rather think that if she hadn't destroyed the marriage and the family that this would have never happened.

Maybe it's Karma, maybe not. Who knows.

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I vote for it being karma!!!

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Beep.....beep....beep (Karma Bus backing over her.)

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Default  Posted: 4:10 PM, September 29th (Sunday)

Yep, it sounds like karma.

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That's what karma looks like.

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Yup, getting smacked down by consequences of your shit actions equals karma. Glad the dogs were safe!

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