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Default  Posted: 8:59 PM, September 30th (Monday)

I had my first date post divorce with another woman.

I saw her pic on with her two dogs and I contacted her.

She texted me a few days later and we exchanged a few texts and made a date to go to a winery on a Sunday afternoon.

It sure was weird walking up to her front door. I felt guilty and was afraid to look around her neighborhood.

The time at the winery with her was wonderful, and shockingly; I kissed her goodbye on her doorstop prior to leaving. Maybe TMI for you folks, but I really don't care!

It was great and I was on cloud nine on the drive home.

Been dating her ever since and having a great time. She is very kind and considerate and has been through three marriages!

What she says is that she has learned from all of her bad experiences and is a better person because of those experiences.

I agree. I know I am a better person for having gone through all the crap I went through. Very happy to get away from my X now, but do feel bad for my kids.

Will I ever marry my SO - No way! She lives every day like it is her last. She does many nice things for her friends and even though she makes almost 6 figures, she doesn't save a penny! She likes to stay out late at night on weekends and enjoys her beer!

However, we have made a great relationship work through lots of open and honest communication, and are in love -sorry folks (more tmi)!

Not sure what the opposite of a rant is, but that is this post. I am pretty happy with my SO and can't imagine being without her. I do check now and then and the gals there just don't appeal to me at all.

It all may end tomorrow if she finds a guy that is more open to partying than me, but I am thankful for the fun I have had with her.

Just as all the wise old folks on SI say, things will get better...

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She's cute! And, if I had been divorced 3 times....I doubt I would marry a 4th time either! (to be honest!) I'm skeptical of marrying a 2nd time....but I think I would take the plunge twice....but not 3 she is one up on me! And, I don't blame her for the partying....I would probably cut a little loose too at the point she is at....and if you guys are happy.....I say live life to the fullest...and say F*ck it!!! and ENJOY IT!!!

LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT!!! I would like to just find someone that I am "blissfully happy" with... whatever the hell that means! I guess I will find out when I find it!!

I'm happy for you!

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So happy for you...and a bit jealous :) I think I'm up to 25 dates online but no one like you found on your first try!!!

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I am so happy tonight. Three very attractive 30 something runners replied to my post!

May get kicked off from SI, but I have had a crush on Tesla and PHMH for a long time; but they are far out of reach of this old man!

Love you gals!

Rooting for you in your future running endeavors. My knee is a bit sore from Saturday's 23:13 5K. 5'9 and 190 pounds is way too big for a runner!

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Divorced by Interlocutory decree in May 2012. WW had an affair with a 66 yo doctor she worked for.
D-Day Sept 16. 2011.
BH- 52 (Me) / XWW 50 - ages back in 2011
Two great kids that don't deserve this!

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I'm with phmh with this one, very happy for you but a lil jealous lol.

great to hear the happy stories

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This sure made me smile.

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awesome story and love the pic!!

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Great post very happy for you

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Really good stuff - thanks for sharing!!!

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Great post!

I'm glad that you hit the jackpot on the first try - it's rough out there.

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