User Topic: Do a lot of BS's have the same personality type?
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Default  Posted: 10:58 AM, October 1st (Tuesday)

I know we all don't but I was just wondering because of the few people I've spoken to that were betrayed are a lot like me.
Excellent work ethic, would do anything for their family, friends and spouse. Highly organized almost OCD. Driven. Puts themselves last. Love language is the act of doing things like I mowed the lawn because I new u were tired etc.
Instead of my husband being thankful he always criticized my smallest flaws to make himself feel better, put me down to other people, would never help me and procrastinate everything. His love language was physical affection which I lack mainly because of the way he treated me. At the beginning our relationship I was affectionate. He never felt he was good enough for me so he didn't even try.
Just curious on the personality type of the bs and ws.

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Well, other than the work ethic, I am very unlike your profile. I am the procrastinator. Very un OCD, and my husband never really criticized me for anything. The personality type probably does determine how we handle this revelation though.

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I feel that many BS's tend to be the co-dependent type personality. I know I am/was. Trying very hard to break and change those co-dependent habits.

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I feel that many BS's tend to be the co-dependent type personality.

I think this is more accurate.

We're both in our 30s. One awesome 4-year-old daughter.

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Sad - sounds just like me. But My H who isn't all that really thinks he is. His ego is astounding.

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I am a little bit of a procrastinator. But I'm loyal and fierce when it comes to my family. I'm jealous, have low self worth and insecure at times.

I'd say I can be a perfectionist but when I'm not succeeding at that I am a procrastinator. I put myself last usually. My kids come first.

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I (BS) are similar to you. My WH is a procrastinator, complainer, critical, etc

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I would meet your criteria except for live languages. I am/was also codependent.

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Co-dependant, definitely. Can't say no to anyone which means I always bite off more than I can chew. I'm not OCD. I'm not organized, I get overwhelmed easily,. I'm fiercely loyal, I always keep my promises no matter what, except to myself. Ws gets upset because he doesn't keep his word if it causes an imposition to him, he says..f**k it and I'm like, no I said I would do it, even if it takes me til 3am. This causes problems between us. I'm scattered and misplace things. He's the organized one and a creature of habit. My car keys could be anywhere, his are in the same spot.. He is very critical of my disorganization but if I only had to worry about myself, I could prob keep better track of my things. Im always juggling with 15 balls in the air. I avoid conflict and am a huge procrastinator with my own stuff.
I've been told by 2 IC that I have A.D.D.
Not sure if I do, I think I just would rather take care of other ppls things so I don't have to deal with my own. When there's an event, ppl tell me a false time, like an hour before because I will prob be late.

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You and I sound a lot alike. I am not super organized, but other than that, your description sounds a lot like me. Wh even told me that he never thought he was good enough for me. I still don't understand why he wanted to marry me if he thought that...

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I think maybe because a lot of Bs are co-dependent. I realized recently I am in every shape and form. I also think both Ws and I are "love addicts". He has abandonment issues and seeks validation from various women (most of which are older). Discovering all this has helped me accept his infidelty a little more. We are both working on our seperate issues and our dysfunctional relationship. I'm glad he is on board or at least appears to be that way for now.

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I'm super organized with a great work ethic. But I am def not an enabler or co-dependent

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This is me to a T! Minus the H criticizing, he never did that.


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Dear goodness Painfuljourney, you just wrote my biography! Lol!!

What PainfulJourney wrote to a T! That's me!

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I agree with Sister Milkshake, I think many BS are or become codependent because of the pre dday A behavior of the WS.

Our specific personalities may differ, but many BS's who don't immediately kick the WS out do tend to become codependent in behaviors when they are desperately trying to save the M.

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I'm a slob; I take procrastination to an artform; I treat myself very well; I'm not co-dependent.

I sincerely doubt there is a 'type' of BS or WS.

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You and I are twins! And yes my FWS was like your husband except her love language was quality time which mostly consisted of her bitching to me about her day, life, etc for hours.

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-Very neat, but not OCD.
-Do not put myself last.
-Have a huge allegiance to family and friends.
-Somewhat organized.
-Would never tolerate my WH criticizing my flaws or putting me down. He would receive a tongue lashing for sure.
-Am pretty self assured.
-Often outspoken.

Same personality type? No.

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HIM: 61 WH
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in R 4 years and it's working but he is putting 200% into it (as he should) to make it right again.

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Sad we are twins unfortunately.

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I'm very similar to you sad34.

And H also similar to yours,except the put downs weren't there until towards the end of the affair. Mostly I felt he just didn't notice me or my life or how I was feeling.And yes, the love language was physical affection - not completely, to be fair, but definitely skewed that way. Although when I asked him about this, how I could have been wearing sackcloth and ashes and he wouldn't notice, he replied that he wasn't a great one for saying things out loud, he had always admired me and the work I did, both inside and outside the family.

That's changed completely now, he always compliments me on whatever I do, and it actually feels like he wants to know all the detail of what I do, who I meet, where I've been. Not in an interfering way, just interested. And I make sure I do the same to him. all part of reconnecting after years of drifting apart, and it feels great.

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Been thinking about this while at work today.
Yes I was always the one seemed too keep everything together, never said no to helping kids,friends,family,and had to be a temporary single parent to our 4 kids as H worked away a lot and worked long hours. But in all that, I realised even before d-day(he stopped the LTA several months prior to my asking for a D) that I had left very little time for us as a couple. Not realising what had been going on, but realising we were both unhappily married I said I wanted a D. While he was away for a break,I decided to write down what I thought the marital problems were-all 32 pages of it! And I tried to include where I knew I had gone wrong. When I handed it to him on his return and ask him to comment, I realised it was the first time in years we had really sat and talked. His replies weren't always what I wanted to hear, but what came out very strongly was my lack of time for my husband. We agreed to try one more time to make our marriage work,both got our heads out of our arses and had 7 months of bliss. Then d-day-BANG!But as our communication had improved,with the aid of a wonderful MC we have weathered the storm and are now doing pretty well most of the time.

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R - but lots of bumps in the long road

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I am definitely more like painful journey. I am not organized but I am more organized than WH. I kept everything together.
Kid.. Cooking ,home..bills plus professional work that requires me to work with high profile people and projects. But I have low self esteem issues. And after A they are in the gutter.. But with work and DD health issues I wasn't available. And he didn't really bother to help.

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I am not codependent. I am independent, I do my own thing and could financially and emotionally support myself, and possibly too much so for my WH. He feels I often left him behind and emotionally shut off when I was struggling with depression.

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Does Awesome count as a personality type?

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Haha wincing I would say yes

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