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I had a psychic reading (I know, some of you probably think it's dumb!) last night and it was a very eye-opening experience for me. One of the things she touched upon during our conversation was that I'm not striking a balance in my relationships/interactions with others. She said I'm giving too much of myself and not getting much in return. She said that I need to set BOUNDARIES and be more conscious of ensuring that I'm getting all that I need out of my relationships/interactions at the end of the day.

She emailed me after the reading with a link to an infographic depicting the "Drama Triangle" which demonstrates three distinct types of personalities: 1. The Persecutor (Bully) 2. The Victim (Helpless) 3. The Rescuer (Savior)

I fall under the description of "The Rescuer," and she said that I need to take a step back and rather than allowing myself to take on others' challenges/problems as my own, act as a coach/conselor to the people in my life who view me as a stablizing force. It's interesting because this is actually an issue that's been gnawing at me lately. It was somewhat of a relief to see it documented in such concrete terms.

Here's a link to the infographic if anybody is interested:

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I don't think it's dumb. I've been to psychics and mediums. I find all that stuff fascinating. I'm glad it was eye-opening for you.

It's interesting when they hit on something that there's no possible way they could know it.

That infographic was interesting. Thanks for posting it.

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