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Revenge  Posted: 9:41 PM, October 1st (Tuesday)

Yes I saw her. So mad my heart is still racing. I was outside talking with my daughters CNA. OW and her whatever he is pulled into their driveway. (Yes she lives next door ). She got out of the car, leaned against it, and watched me. Ugh I went back inside and proceeded to have an anxiety attack. Of all the hussies my WH could have picked , he had to pick the damn neighbor who was a family friend.
Ugh feeling so pissed off tonight.

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Default  Posted: 9:50 PM, October 1st (Tuesday)

The OW as a next door neighbor, that does suck.

Keep expressing your thoughts and feelings on this. Get it out.


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Default  Posted: 9:57 PM, October 1st (Tuesday)

Oh this is just so awful. Keep your head held high, she soooo ain't worth it.
((((HUGS)))) hope things improve for you and you have our full permission to rant and rave, vent, and just lay it all out there, here in SI.
Good luck to you, sending you strength and good vibes

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Default  Posted: 10:08 PM, October 1st (Tuesday)

Thanks guys. It just makes me soooo mad. I always feel reminded of the affair. She's been in my house lots, I was in hers, I see it all the time.((sigh)) All the while she pretended to be my friend. It just sucks

I was worried I looked stupid walking back into my house. I tried not to look like I was running or anything. Sometimes I want to talk with her sooo bad and ask her questions. But I know that no good can come from it.

Man, affairs really suck.

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D Day 03 Aug 13 EA & PA
D Day #2 01 Sep 13 continued EA & PA with OW
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Default  Posted: 11:33 PM, October 1st (Tuesday)

I feel for you. I can't imagine having to live next door to ow. Hold your head high, you've done nothing wrong, she's the one who should be running into the house. Any chance you could move into another neighborhood?
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Default  Posted: 11:49 PM, October 1st (Tuesday)

If you just can't move: infect her hibiscus with white fly, introduce a mole, put your trash in the driveway but don't take it out - for weeks - , have a yard car, get a yappy dog, or maybe just a recording of a yappy dog. My brother had a sound effects record and big speakers and used to send midnight airliners to his neighbors in the early hours. A recording of a crying baby would be good too. Who can call the police on a crying baby? Start smoking cigars in the backyard or just leave them burning in an ashtray. Cook outside with curry. Make sure when your friends visit they park in front of her house. Plant cholla cactus. Cultivate mosquitoes.

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Default  Posted: 1:31 AM, October 2nd (Wednesday)

I can't imagine having to live next to the OW.

Is there a reason that you are not moving? I know some people believe you should reclaim everything, you should not be forced to move, you should stand your ground but geez, what you must deal with is almost intolerable.

Six months post Dday my WH and I put a for sale sign on our home and moved 1600 miles away. THE BEST MOVE EVER!

Ugh feeling so pissed off tonight.

My God, I would feel pissed every night just knowing that she was next door. You are obviously a very strong person.


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Default  Posted: 5:51 AM, October 2nd (Wednesday)

@RightTrack: No. First there may be innocent neighbors who get caught up in the mix. It will end up siding the neihhbors with the skank.

Second, possible legal ramifications.

Third, that is low like the ap.

Her staring at her is to get at you. If you can, stare right through her. Dont let her know her presence gets to you.


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Default  Posted: 7:47 AM, October 2nd (Wednesday)

Righttrack - that is hilarious

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Default  Posted: 8:11 AM, October 2nd (Wednesday)

Taking the high road is always the best. She wants to know she's getting to you. As long as you are "happy" with your WH, it will eat at her, on the inside.

If I was in your shoes, I think because of her childish actions, I'd sit out front with my WH, both of us enjoying a glass of wine, and just being lost in conversation with each other...laughing, smiling, kissing, and just ignoring the rest of the world.

You're in a difficult situation, living right next to her. Normally there should never be any contact, visual or otherwise. But in your situation, she's being childish and kinda hard to avoid. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it would be good for your WH to outwardly show how incredibly into YOU he is, and that she isn't even a smelly turd worth noticing in the next yard's grass.

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Default  Posted: 9:06 AM, October 2nd (Wednesday)

Someone needs this:

And maybe a party where your friends hang out and if she pulls that crap again...perhaps a friend can look at her, whisper something to another friend and laugh.

Just don't let her control you. She's the one who should be retreating inside. If you practice that "I have dog crap on my shoe" look and start giving it to her at the very least she'll know she doesn't get to you. Possibly she'll even stop this brazen behavior.

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Default  Posted: 9:27 AM, October 2nd (Wednesday)

Thanks guys for the input. Moving right now is just not an option ((sigh )). We are being hit hard with the government shutdown. And my girls, especially MDD are in special programs at school that are tailored to their special needs. WH told me that he saw her stating at him not to long ago when he was on the porch with the girls. He was like she looked sad. I was like no she isn't. She just wants you probably. He rather defended her a bit. Which this morning is pudding me off too. That and other comments he made. I told him that no she isn't sad at all. To which he sighted some things he read on the wayward side forum that it's possible for her to care though she had the affair with him. We are going to have a chat tonight.

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