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I am so sick of trying to figure out wtf is wrong with WH. He has traits of about 109990 different personality disorders. So I am done with dissecting him, done with the books, all of it.

My new catchall diagnosis: He is a fucking asshole.

Simple. And probably incurable.


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it's gone viral.

mine has the disorder, too!

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The best subject line ever. Period.

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At the end of the day I think for myself it would make it easier to be able to stick X with a convenient label.

Truthfully X is just a garden variety asshole. I do believe that asseholitis is incurable.

I still read up on 'labels' to arm myself and help me move forward though. I have accepted that it is not my job to cure him. That's his current whore's job

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I'm a little bitter today so I would just like to say..
Isn't just GREAT how the WS Is all happy and relieved now that the stress of lying is over? I'm soooo glad that I get to work in healing him now too. Fabulous. I love my H and am happy we are trying to move forward. But really? Could he just stop looking so effing pleased that he's "finding himself now?"

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finding himself? how many rocks has he already looked under..

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I wish they would just put a like button at the bottom of posts, just like on face book. I would have hit that thing a few times by now!

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Sounds like your going to need an "ASSHOLE-ECTOMY"...

Hang in there Bravenewgirl!

With your strength and humor your going to make it!!

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Thanks guys.

This has actually been really freeing to me. I was spending shitloads of mental energy trying to figure him out, and understand him better, making excuses (oh, he is a cheating fucktard because he was not breastfed for long enough...blah blah blah, etc etc)

Now its like:

Q: Why would he forget to text when he promised he would?

A. Asshole.

Q: Why won't he say I love you more often like I need him to?

A. Asshole.

Q. Why does he spend more energy protecting OWs feelings than mine?

A. Asshole.

Q: Why wont't he read the books I want him to?

A. Asshole.

Q. Why did he cheat on me for two years?


I have concluded that whatever the hell happened to WH in his childhood, it does not give him a green light to treat me like crap.


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My husband caught it too only add emotionally blackmailing asshole to mine.

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One of the last gifts I gave to my stbx was monogrammed. The way his initials fell on the item I renamed him Real Asshole Extraordinaire.

Must be a common disease that affects WS.

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Love this
My husband has bipolar which means he has a harder job that others and is sick and all that crap which means I have to be supportive as I already have traumatised kids who have dealt with suicide attempts and the police turning up at the door when he's gone AWOL

But bipolar is not the only diagnosis
He too is an asshole

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Thank you for this post. I also have spent way to much time and energy on trying to figure WS out also, I love your thinking, I think I am going to take that same diagnosis and stop wasting my time.


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