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User Topic: A nice moment in the midst of my current gloom
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Default  Posted: 8:12 PM, October 9th (Wednesday)

I am treading water and desperately hoping for my happy to come back. I feel little flashes that make me hopeful. I just wanted to share this because it made me smile.

I love Harry Potter. Well, maybe not so much HP but all of the books. I have read the entire series more times than I can remember. Some sections are memorized almost word for word.

So, I am FB friends with a couple of girls who are around my ds14's age... HS freshmen. One of them posted the other day, "I'll be upstairs in my room, making no noise, and pretending I don't exist." A couple of people posted very concerned replies, but I remembered her posting something about Harry Potter a while back. So I took a chance and posted, "Too right, you will!! <spoken like Uncle Vernon>"

She replied "OMG Ms HFSSC, you made my day! This was perfect! :)"

Small thing but it made my day too.

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Sometimes that's all it takes

Hey you, would you help me to carry the stone ...

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And hugs to you, HFSSC. I hope your happy finds you soon.

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I love being friends with some of my kids friends. I think it helps them to know there is an adult other than mom and dad that gets them too.

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