User Topic: Mourning for the old me?
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Dropped off proof WH got his divorce packet today at the courthouse. It felt so casual. Then I got in the van. Flashbacks to my wedding day. I wasn't wishing for a better past though - I wanted soooooo badly to step back in time and warn that me what would happen. Snot city while I drove home. This gets better right?

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It takes a while, but yes: WAY WAY better!

There may be a little more snot in your near future though. ((sodamnlost))

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It does get so much better. It takes time. For me, when I was as early in as you were, I was a huge mess and certain that things would never look up. The day my D was final was one of the worst of my life, but it's only gotten better since then.

You'll find the old you -- the wonderful, fabulous you that you were before your marriage. What are things you gave up, dreams you delayed, interests you never explore? Find some of those and craft a great new life!!!

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It gets better than you could ever imagine. It just takes time.

Hang in there.

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((Sodamnlost)) hang in there! When things started to come apart for me in my marriage, I confided in my hairdresser, trying to explain why I was so depressed. She said that some large percentage of her clients were divorced women. I asked if they were ok. She said: they all had a very bad time at first, but they are ALL very very happy now. I try to remember that.

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It gets better but it takes a long time. I too often wish I could go back in time and tell my 18 year old self to RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

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