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Default  Posted: 6:29 PM, October 13th (Sunday)

For me the worst time of day for rumination is first thing in the AM ...when I wake up...I try to keep a routine, morning coffe and my prayers...even then it STILL hits me.....what is your worst time of day and what do you do to combat it?

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At first, and for about nine months, the first thing in the morning was the worst. I kept a routine, like you, but still... It was like it hit me like a train every time I woke up.
Now, it seems to be various times of day, depending on triggers. And especially at night when I'm still awake with my thoughts and WH is blissfully snoring.
I'm just past the first antiversary.

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Default  Posted: 7:04 PM, October 13th (Sunday)

Early evening - around 4-7 ish. Just like when I am sick!

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Right now it just hits when it hits. But night-time when it's quiet is when it's at it's worst.

I basically haven't figured out how to combat it yet. I write, I cry, I listen to music. Not interested in anything else.

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By far it is the morning. I wake up happy and then "bam!" I think "Oh crap. That really happened. It wasn't one of my nightmares I used to have that this was going to happen." And I try to pray and keep busy too and journal, but sometimes it is just to much.

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Default  Posted: 7:55 PM, October 13th (Sunday)

Hands down the night for me. I have never been a good sleeper and my mind rehashes everything.

My WS could sleep through anything. Especially right after dday I just remember my sleepless nights and him snoring away.

I am embarrassed to admit but candy crush and various stupid mindless games got me through some very long nights.


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The worst time of day is when I shower. I have no idea why, whether it is morning or night, but I always think about it and I always feel like crap.

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Default  Posted: 10:03 PM, October 13th (Sunday)

Hands down, the hardest part of my day is when my husband is commuting to and from work.

From what I can tell, this seems to be the bulk of time he conducted his affair activity.

I can literally feel my heart break -- hear it crack, even -- when he's driving to and from work.

So far the only thing that helps is to keep myself busy or cry. Sad, but true.

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Default  Posted: 10:31 PM, October 13th (Sunday)

when I wake up. I feel terrible. Like someone died. Then I remember.

And hugs to you, Clueless. It's so recent for you. :(

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Definitely evening time - I am usually completely depleted by then, and have still got to do dinner/ bedtime for 4 little kids. WH works thirds, so he's gone -all I want to do is curl up in my recliner but NOPE, motherhood calls. My kids have been watching a lot of movies before bed and going to bed later, while mom pulls herself together enough to accomplish bedtime.

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Like a previous poster it's first thing in the morning, in the shower. I now have a radio in the bathroom and it helps some, but there are some days I simply am not strong enough to stop thinking about what has happened.

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Mine is when I take my walks. In the early morning. I had to stop for awhile. Now that I am starting again I am listen to books that I have download verses music which seems to help .

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Both night time and morning used to be the worst. Pretty much any time I was lying in bed in silence with my thoughts. So middle of the night sometimes too.

Now morning seems to be better in general lately, which is something I just realized, so thanks for asking so I could realize some improvement.

And now that I think about it, night time is often better overall too. At this very moment, however, my stomach is in knots. Just watched TV. While lying in bed isn't always the worst time anymore, I just randomly and quite often feel like shit. Keep wondering when I'll look at him and not think of what he did. When I'll be able watch people kiss on TV and not see him kissing her. I hate it.

As for what I "do" about it. What can any of us do? I cry. I lie around depressed. I come on this forum, which is why I'm here now. I did journal a couple of weeks ago when I triggered hard. I don't know that it did any good though. I just keep holding on to the positive stories that are shared here that it does get better. One can hope.

Oh. And I've been taking sleeping pills at night ever since DDay #1. That helps some.

I also do deep and slow breathing sometimes to calm myself down. Vodka and rum help too but luckily I haven't felt the need for those much lately. Another sign of improvement I guess.

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Default  Posted: 12:04 AM, October 14th (Monday)

Life with a fucking cheater sucks no matter what time of the day!!!!! Are there really people out there who don't deal with this 24/7?!?!?! What would that be like!?!!!

Sorry ,too much wine tonight.

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Default  Posted: 1:02 AM, October 14th (Monday)

When I'm alone. Especially first thing. Our youngest work early this morning so instead of sitting crying I'm watching cartoons. Which helps a lot
Maybe next early morning I'm alone I will watch cartoons anyway

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8 am and 3 pm. Times my wife walks our girls too and from school....this is how her A was spawned....meeting MOM after they dropped their kids off at school.

Yeah, the times in between are when they actively fed the A (both of them have schedules conducive to illicit playing), late night texting while my wife was in the house with me and our kids sucks too....but 8 and 3 are the 2 worst times of day for me personally.

I text my wife a simple text at those times.

It was really tough just to leave our home for the first several months....but not an issue now. Someday these times wont be an issue either....but they are right now.

This is tough, painful work....but I see so many struggling with this. Also see my wifes fAP and his wife NOT taking advantage of this struggle to improve themselves or their marriage. So I take some comfort in that, too...that this price I am paying is actually getting me something in return. KWIM?

God be with us all.

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I get what you are saying about watching cartoons. I, too, have stepped away from processing and done similar things.

I just looked in on our girls (I am awake due to restless dreams)...they both sleeping in each others arms. Was peaceful just looking at them. Good to keep perspective...this hurts like hell but there is more to life then just how I feel.

Peace to us all.

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I have hated mornings since Dday. I wake up practically in tears everyday no matter how the previous day was. I've known depression in the past but this is so different! It is a complete overwhelming sadness that lifts quickly but returns every day without fail. Someday I hope it is gone.

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For me it's typically during the afternoons at work when/if it is slow. I tent to go through the same cycle many times. From disbelief, to astonishment, despression, then disgust, dissapointment, anger and sometimes to rage. Then worse I get mad at myself for what appears to be my lack of being able to let go of the resentment.

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Your post spoke to me bikingguy....that cycle is way to familiar.

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The early mornings are the worst for me. My mind wakes me up and wants to go over stuff. Process things. Sometimes I come to great conclusions. Sometimes I talk myself into coping. Sometimes I get myself out of bed and make my mind think about something different.

I really like it when I come to conclusions. I feel a sense of peace.

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It's first thing in the morning. I used to love that time too. I would get up and read or watch something on TV. Just enjoy that everyone is home and at peace. Now I can't do that because she is on the couch and there is no peace.

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On the hour drive to work. When I help students who I think my husband would fancy. On my breaks. On my lunch. On the 1 1/2 drive home. When I get home. In the shower. When I go to bed. I've learned not to say anything anymore..After almost a year, it's now my problem, not his.

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I have had so many triggers since DD July 2012. For the first 10 months the hardest time for me was evening when I was trying to fall asleep but during the affair I didn't live with my BF and after we saw each other or talked to each other for the last time in the evening before going to sleep is when he would have the A activity. I also hate weekend mornings b/c I can flash back to times I was out of town or not with him and would call him on a Sat/Sun morning and he would answer like a stranger and at the time I thought someone was there but he would make me feel like I was crazy. Now that I know the truth it is all of the times that I knew he spent time with her that are triggers for me. They cause me major anxiety and have been so bad at times I get a full blown panic attack.

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