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million pieces
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Default  Posted: 8:26 PM, October 13th (Sunday)

I used to run and be pretty good at a local level. I pretty much gave racing up when my ex left, my kids were 4 and 7 and too young to be left alone and I certainly didn't have the money for a sitter for training. Well, now that they are older and I can sneak runs in when they are on playdates and at school, I've been able to run a bit more. Sooooo, this weekend I ran my first race (1/2 marathon) in almost 4 yrs! I didn't come close to my PR, but I ran under 2 hrs which was my goal. The Baltimore Half was so much fun! I'd never imagined I'd be cheered on by so many cigarette smoking old men and step on a dead rat and then gummy bears and have to scrape them from my shoes. Post race crabs and beer were an awesome touch too! I feel like I'm getting the last part of my life back on track

Just had to post this pic, can you eat a crab standing up in the rain?

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Go million pieces!!! Great photo

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That's awesome, million!!!

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You're glowing in the picture!!! Congrats on running again and working that time set goal!

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You go girl!

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Great pic.

You had me at "step on a dead rat".

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Love this!

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Awesome photo, I have a big smile on my face reading your post, thanks for sharing and congrats!!

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LOVE THIS!! You are gorgeous!

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How awesome is this!! Good for you!!!!

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Congrats! That was a great time and not even a PR! I saw the photo before I read the post and thought "Baltimore! " because not many races have crab at the finish line.

BTW, you look marvelous!!

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