User Topic: He wrote me a love letter!
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Content  Posted: 7:51 AM, October 15th (Tuesday)

He forgot his homework to bring to MC so he wrote me this. Also, we've both had triggers the last few days we've had to deal with...

To my sweetheart Rachelc,

I don’t know how your day is going but good or not so good, I hope to always make it better. I probably don’t tell you this often enough, but you are the love of my life. You make me feel special in so many ways. I love when you listen to me when I am hurting and provide comfort. It means everything to me when you reassure you are committed to us and to making healthy decisions.

I treasure the time we spend together (eating and going on walks…) as life is way too short. You are a great Mom to our kids and a wonderful person with class and a huge heart. You take care of yourself by working out/eating right and are very sexy to me. You have been my best friend for 28 years and we have sacrificed together, laughed, cried, prayed, fought, celebrated and helped each other through thick and thin I think that’s what true love is. I love you so very much and always will!

Mr Rachelc.

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That is beautiful. I love how he described what true love is. Carry a copy of that letter with you to read when you need encouragement.

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Really nice letter, Rachelc!

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Aww, so sweet!!!

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Growing forward

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