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So the same boy who made me the bracelet lately has gotten comfortable with me and chit-chats at me about things on his mind. Sometimes on his mind is his father's GF, the OW I sometimes have written about on other threads on Si.

I was so tired I laughed for ten minutes at this one, I think because it wasn't meant to be funny, but because of my current lot in life, found it very funny.

He was making a drink in the kitchen-we are very friendly at each other's houses and it's a way for him to feel "at home"-so he's stirring his chocolate milk and says, "You know, I like it when the skunks go to my dad's GF's house but not my mom's."

Except for the technology used by XPervert and they're jobs, they're mirror situations. Now XPervert said many times last year, "Glad I'm not like that guy!"-that guy is alcoholic and that's the only dif!

It was the skunks that brought the smile this time and the same little boy-he's under ten.

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What a precious little boy. You're a blessing to him.

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I'm glad you have him in your life and have that relationship with him.

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