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Default  Posted: 2:51 PM, October 15th (Tuesday)

Your story about Snow White, and the other princess getting married made me want to share my recent, wow my kids are accepting I am proud moment.

My Daughter had a Guinea Pig, Paul. He passed away a few months ago, and she was having a tough time with life at that moment anyway, and I personally liked having a pig, so I said lets get a pair this time. So she and Dad went and picked out a pair of females.
One is white and gray, the other White and brown, they have mirror markings, most likely litter mates. Took my daughter awhile to come up with names for them she loves old TV shows, so of course she wanted Lucy and Ethel first, but we have a Lucy, she is our Lab, that wasn't going to work. Considered Laverne and Shirley, Disney princesses, and several other things.

Ultimately she named them .... Ellen, and Portia. My very open family of course thought it was great my more conservative MIL and StepFIL didn't seem to care for it. LOL

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Default  Posted: 4:07 PM, October 15th (Tuesday)

congrats on your new piggies.

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That's great!

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I think that's very sweet.

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Aw love it.

My kids were younger when we had piggies. One was black on each end and white in the middle - thus was named oreo. The other was brown/caramel/white so was named snickers.
We also had goldfish named chip & dip and still have cats named cookie & candy!

Food issues maybe?

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Congrats on the piggies...

But what's the significance of Ellen and Portia? (Yes, I live under a rock)

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Ellen deGeneres and Portia Someone - lesbian couple.

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