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check out the OW's twitter
what she does DOES NOT mean anything to me. Her happiness is built on lies

I am going to:

enjoy my family at the pumpkin patch

love my husband even though he is flawed

How about you?

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Take care of my sick husband when he comes home from work. He's fighting a bad cold, which went through all of the kids, so I know it's no fun. (led to pneumonia in one child).

Oddly, I really like being the one to take care of him. Because I know none of those women he was with could ever care for him like I do. I know him inside and outside and I know what comforts him.

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Good for you, cuppacoffee. BTW, i love your username. One of my guilty pleasures in the morning.

Today, or tonight, I''m going to have a long talk with my FWH that he initiated. Which is wonderful in that I normally have to be the person initiating talks. Which is scary because it''s sorta new territory for me/us.

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Back to work!

Done being pathetic. Made a plan, getting ducks in a row and moving on with my life...

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Rearrange furniture. It turns out that little things make a big difference for me. I swapped the furniture in two rooms, didn't like it, and am now in the process of moving it all back a different way. If anything, I should fall into bed tonight exhausted and without my mind running wild.

All of you sound like you're going to have a TERRIFIC day today!!!!! So glad!!!

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