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User Topic: What should I do?
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Default  Posted: 4:35 PM, October 16th (Wednesday)

Normally, Heart is fairly talkative, especially when she gets angry and wants to hash out something on her mind. Lately, she hasn't been very talkative at all. I realize we are approaching 1st Anti-versary, and I expect the roller coaster to be in full swing again. Thus, when she gets quiet and reserved, I start getting EXTREMELY worried/anxious.

How can I either prevent my own anxiety or encourage conversation politely so as not to offend? Or is this even the right question to ask?

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Default  Posted: 4:40 PM, October 16th (Wednesday)

She is probably just dealing with her emotions. I don't think you can or should make her talk before she is ready. But maybe you could just encourage her with kind gestures. Do some extra chores, rent a movie she would like and cuddle up. Express that you are available anytime to talk. Show her that you are thinking about what SHE needs, this time around.

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Default  Posted: 5:06 PM, October 16th (Wednesday)

I agree with breakingpoint. Gently let her know that you are there for her at any time.

Maybe you can tell her that you noticed she is more quiet than usual, and ask what is on her mind, and if it has anything to do with the upcoming antiversary?

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