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Trying to pay attention to work and get things done. It's just busy filing stuff that I have been ignoring so it's not holding my attention. I keep drifting to the conversation I need to have with her tonight. I keep thinking about how to pay for the retainer on the lawyer. I need to look at a budget to make sure I can afford everything I'm proposing.

Then I get wracked with guilt because I think she is trying, just not trying hard enough.

Glad IC is today.

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read your post , not too much to tell you other than to stay strong and I am here with you. As far as money goes, you will find a way. That I can guarantee.

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I hear you. I had the attention span of a knat for quite a while after Dday. It does get better. I hope your IC appt went well. Sending you strength.

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Totally hear you. I can concentrate for about 2 hours at a time, if that.

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...with you on this...

A haunts you...
Possible conversations haunt you...
Newly revealed TT haunts you...

I know this cos right now I'm booking airline tickets (cough cough)

Hope IC helps


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