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I just took this relationship quiz which determines if you might be with someone suffering from a personality disorder and guess what....? I win! I've been living with someone 'likely' to hurt me if I stay in the relationship.

I STILL can't decide if he has some sort of disorder or if he's just 'in the fog'; how can I know for sure either way?

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Hmmm... I am very definitely not in an an emotionally abusive relationship and my WH does not have a personality disorder, but I took it anyway. I only answered 3 of these in the affirmative, and also got a "very likely" to be hurt again.

The questions seemed very good, though. The range for abusive behavior was 19-47 points, I came in at 20, bottom of the range so maybe for people more near the middle-top of that range it's more accurate?

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I'm no longer with my WS but I scored a 63. :/

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My relationship with a profoundly PD man scored "only" 62--but I think I was a little generous.

ETA: That was supposed to read 72.

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I scored a 66 with XWH and a whopping FOUR with my current husband. Wow- what a difference.

To IndianDreams- whether your WH is in a fog or has a disorder, the question for YOU is how long are you willing to put up with being treated like this?

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I took it based on my former relationship with xpos ans scored 44 in a range of 19 to 47. Xpos was very good at doing those things only to me. And i think some were a bit hard to answer exactly.

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I kept retaking it and playing with the answers and if you got more than three occasionallys, two often or one most of the time it put you into moderate risk. You could be into moderate risk just by having a relationship with someone thar jumped the "I love you" gun too fast.

If I turned around and took it from fWS point of view it would be moderate risk. I think the scoring on the higher end is more indicative.

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To IndianDreams- whether your WH is in a fog or has a disorder, the question for YOU is how long are you willing to put up with being treated like this?

I think Gabybaby makes a strong point. ^^^^^^^^^^^

The behaviors that these questions get to, are not healthy behaviors.

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The first time I took it based on pre-A behaviors and got a 66 :/. The second time a 5. It's been consistent for 5 1/2 months and am praying it stays that way!!!

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