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Ok. So I was (ok still am) in a bit of a funk. I triggered myself by rereading all the texts he sent to this latest ow.

Stupid but oh so me

Anyway, rather than wallow in a puddle of my own tears, let me give the board a hug.

Post one thing you excel at and know you are powerful. I will go first.

I am a kick-@$$ personal trainer and fitness instructor.

What are you pretending not to know?

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I re-read some emails with a few of my close friends. We read them with an English accent and as if we were performing masterpiece theatre.

We ended up on the floor laughing. It was so cliche and so unoriginal as most cheaters are.

It was therapeutic to read it and realize it's just trash and it ain't Shakespeare.

Instead of taking the crap they say to each other seriously begin by seeing it in a different light and see it for was it really is. Trash talk disguised as faux romance.

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I am a connected and loving mom to my kids


I do well at my job and help people in a meaningful way every time I go to work.

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