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User Topic: Appropriate or not?
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Stop  Posted: 9:01 PM, October 24th (Thursday)

My husband wants to hang out with the ex of the guy I had an affair with. I am really uncomfortable with this. We are trying to rebuild our marriage after what happened. This is causing issues because he thinks I'm weak because it makes me anxious. Everyone I have talked to said this is not the right time for them to hang out. It takes time and he just wants to do what he wants.

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Default  Posted: 10:11 PM, October 24th (Thursday)


Why would your H think that's appropriate?

Was the OM a friend of your H's prior to your affair with him?

It would be helpful if you gave us some background information to navigate this a little better

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Default  Posted: 10:41 PM, October 24th (Thursday)

Yes but they never hung out alone. We were all close. My H has been very vindictive and accuses me still of talking to this other person but I haven't spoken to the dude since he asked me to help him kill himself. I said absolutely not and that was it.

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Default  Posted: 10:51 AM, October 25th (Friday)

Everyone I have talked to said this is not the right time for them to hang out.

Why is H planning to hang out with her? Is he wanting to compare notes of what you have told him with what the OM told her?
Or is there some other purpose in there hanging out together?

Have you asked him respectfully?

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Default  Posted: 11:09 AM, October 25th (Friday)

I don't know about appropriate, but weird definitely comes to mind. It seems to me that he would want to put as much distance between you as a couple and the OM and OBS. Also, DeeplyScared has a good point, more info might help. Like my BH said in another thread, the OBS in my A hates my BH and blames him in part.

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