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As you know I have to go to court in a couple of days and I had major surgery 2 weeks ago. Dr advised me not to go, but I must, no lawyer, no $ for lawyer.

I get my hair colored every 7 weeks. Tonight is my appointment. It would be a miracle if I could sit for 1.5 hours to have it done. But I will see STBXH at court.

I have decided to not have my hair done. What do I care what my STBXH thinks about my hair! My comfort and health are now more important than what he thinks I look like.

Its a baby step but I will take it.

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((((Must Survive)))) Sending you healing mojo and strength for court.

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Its a baby step but I will take it.

They are all baby steps - then you notice you're a lot further down the road than you thought you were.

I find myself dressing down on the rare occasion that I am forced to see the sad clown. I do not want him thinking I am dressing up for him.

I know it is not ideal but I am sure a court would grant an extension if you had a letter from your doctor. Unless it is just a rubber stamp session? If not then you really don't want to be in chronic pain if you need your wits about you. There was a lot of sitting around on my court day.

Good luck in court and good luck with your surgery.

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