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Default  Posted: 10:31 PM, October 29th (Tuesday)

Has it been a while? Is it time for a new threat for our pet peeves?

May I please begin?

*In the parking deck at my company are about 10 spots that are small and have signs that say "Cars only. No trucks or SUVs" EVERY f-ing day there are trucks and SUVs parked in some of them!

* The coffee princesses in my office that leave 1/2 cup in the pot and walk away

* The asshole on the highway that simply MUST be in front of me at the exit interchange. It would NOT have mattered... sheesh... Thanks for endangering my merge.

* My asshole cat that is shredding the Halloween decorations! LOL

Ok.... Please present yours. I went easy to give others a voice. I have so many traffic peeves I could have presented.

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Default  Posted: 10:45 PM, October 29th (Tuesday)

Traffic?! As a person who commutes a minimum of 45 minutes each way, that list is way too long for me to start in on.

My personal pet peeves:
Irresponsible pet owners- clean up after your pets! Don't assume your "baby" won't bite someone. If she/he has teeth, she/he is capable of biting.

Coworkers who refuse to be good neighbors in cubicle land. One particular coworker has a cell phone that pings and rings all day due to various social network notifications, emails, and phone calls. Then she spends 30-45 minutes per day (sometimes multiple times per day) on personal calls.

People who leave their dirty, disgusting dishes in the community sink at work, assuming someone else will clean up after them. When you come back to find your stuff in the trash? Yep- I did it, and I'll keep doing it til you get a clue.

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Default  Posted: 10:48 PM, October 29th (Tuesday)

- Do you have to set your auto key lock to make the car honk when you lock it? Sheesh, aren't flashing lights enough to verify it's locked?

- People who don't check the side mirror for cyclists before opening the door.

- Bring a travel mug instead of wasting paper and plastic every time you go to Starbucks. Especially moms with strollers with drink holders. It's easy. Try it.

- Texting/talking while driving.

- Cyclists in dark clothing with no lights, reflectors or common sense, wearing earbuds in traffic in the dark.

- Dog poo bags left on the sidewalk or in the bushes. Ick.

- Don't get me started on leafblowers.

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Default  Posted: 10:51 PM, October 29th (Tuesday)

Dogs in the back of trucks. I want to knock the crap out of the driver for putting that dog in such danger.

People that are in the wrong yet somehow flip *you* off because they came head on into your lane while texting.


Them: "I'm not soliciting..."
me: "do you have an appointment?"
Them: "No, I just thought I would make contact..."
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Default  Posted: 6:20 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Drivers who don't do the "thanks" wave when I let them ahead of me. Most of them are on the phone or texting.

This one is becoming more common here - drivers who don't "yield" when merging onto an interstate. I move over when I can, but when there is a semi beside me and someone on my tail, no I'm not letting you over. Doesn't "Yield" mean you're the one who is supposed to slow down?

The dirty dish fairies don't come into work and clean up after you - especially at work. I've found it's usually the one guy who works in my building who went from mom cleaning up after him, to his wife cleaning up after him. He once responded to a question, "The girls usually take care of that." Oh really?
There are a few younger girls who you can tell their moms have done everything for them.
Our janitor used a Sharpie to write in the sink - "This is not a garbage can."

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Default  Posted: 7:21 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Oh well where to start!!

- coworkers who insist on talking loudly about the women they took to motel rooms on the weekend and the various toys that they used. I don't need to know this....apparently they don't know the rule that if I am not getting any neither should you!

-Old people who drive very slowly when you are late for work.

- Irregardless. This is not a word, stop, just stop.

-Waiting forever for my new work computer to come in and when it arrives it just sits on my floor in a box and IT refuses to take my calls. I am not sure what ring of hell it is I have to contact but I am working on it.

-waiting for my friend the plumber who is going to put my new tub in for free....because it is hunting season. ANd becuase it is free I can't complain. Ugh.

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Default  Posted: 7:38 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Oh there are so many!

"first annual" - if it is the first one it isn't 'annual' yet.

co-worker that clips his nails everyday

co-workers that do no clean the seat after they use the toilet.

saggy pants - wear a belt dammit!

women who wear sandals that are too small, so that their toes hang over the sides

women who wear high heels in the snow

slow drivers in the left lane

when you are in a theater or any place with close seating, and you need to leave your seat for any reason and the people sitting next to you won't stand up to make it easier to get through...they just shift their knees. (I purposely step on their toes because it makes me feel better.)

Ok, now I'm annoying myself so I have to quit.

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Default  Posted: 7:54 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Since traffic seems to be the theme...

- People who pull out in front of me and then slam on their brakes. This happened to me yesterday and thanks to "JAYBOB" in the QX4, my purse, laptop, and mail all ended up on the floor. grrr
- People who constantly change lanes in rush hour traffic trying to "get ahead". Listen, both lanes are equally packed. 10 lane changes later the clown is still right beside me
- people who know they need to turn left but do not get into the left lane. Then they come to a complete stop in moving traffic so they can get over. This happens every single morning near my work. every.single.morning.

Now onto the grocery store:
- People who park their cart in the middle of the aisle so no one can get around, and then give a dirty look when you say "excuse me" so they will move
- Cashiers who ignore the fact that I am holding some coupons and then "process" my transaction so I do not get the coupons. Gee thanks. Then I have to go to customer service and waste another 10 minutes of my life just to redeem my coupons.
- Bag boys who insist that they must take out my groceries even after I have said no thank you. I am able bodied, I don't want to chat, and I don't like that you put the bag of canned goods on top of my bread. Help the mother with 3 kids or the elderly gentlemen with the cane.

And my final pet peeve that also happened yesterday: When the company calls a mandatory meeting to "meet" the local politician. Really?? Is my boss going to come into the voting booth with me next time?? double grrrr

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Default  Posted: 8:14 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

I see a theme here, and most of these all come back to my greatest peeve of all. Self centered people that feel entitiled to do whatever the F they want. Examples,
Not using a turn indicator. Seriously, how F'ing hard is it to flip that little thing up or down to let the folks around you know where you are going?
The people in Wal-mart, Grocery store, or any store with carts that block the whole damn aisle, and then act like you have the plague when you ask them to move, or move their cart out of your way.
People that just lack the ability to please and thank you, especially the clerk at the store. Seriously how hard is it to greet your customer, and read the total, and say thank you?????

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Default  Posted: 8:47 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

People that use the term "it's complicated". No, it's NOT complicated, you just don't want to own up to telling the truth.

Women drivers (and I AM one). Jeez ladies....put the makeup on at home, stop driving and talking on the phone, stop lighting your cigarettes, stop gabbing with the other people in the car and last but not least...get a map! Either I'm driving a snowplow or have a lawn care trailer hitched to my truck but either way I CAN'T stop on a dime and my truck is waaay bigger than your car and I'll crush you. And I realize my truck is silver, but how can you NOT see the 8ft red plow on the front or the 12ft red trailer with all the pretty red mowing machines on it!!!!



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Default  Posted: 8:50 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

The school drop off....oh the rage I end up feeling at the school drop off. It needs to keep moving to be effective. Only a few cars can pull to the curb and the rest have to wait until those cars pull away. This is not the time to get out and check you childs backpack, or have a fifteen minute goodbye...or chat with another parent dropping off. PLEASE.....


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Default  Posted: 9:01 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

When people notice there is a problem, but choose not to report it because they thought somebody else would.....except they all thought that and nobody reported it, so now it's escalated into an ever bigger issue

People who feel they are entitled to just about everything.


Attention whores

People who kiss ass to get ahead instead of working hard to earn it.

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Default  Posted: 9:49 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Uninvited people who randomly show up, unannounced, on my door step. This includes friends, relatives solicitors and strangers. So rude! I would never, ever, ever, go to someone's (including my family's) home uninvited.

Rude people.

Bad table manners.

Stinky perfume that smells like someone took a bath in it.

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Default  Posted: 10:29 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

*when eating at your desk and someone comes over, looks at your food, and asks, "what's that?!?!" - as if I'm eating human flesh

*people who don't like crowds, yet take public transportation then start snapping on anyone who happens to be in "their space" - find another fucking mode of transport asshole

*people who use the word "slow" to describe individuals with mental/learning disabilities - I really want to choke the shit out of these people

*LA freeways - anything, everything, you name it - it goes down on LA freeways, including traffic for no reason other than you're in LA

*conversate - that's not a fucking word!!!!

*women who get an acrylic tip on their big toenails so that they extend waaaaaaaaaaay past the actual sole of their sandal/slipper - that is just disgusting. Every single time I see that, and I see it every day at the train station, I immediately get angry.

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Default  Posted: 10:34 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

People that take the last of something and don't re-order or let someone know.

People that hang out in the passing lane. If you're not passing -> get out of my lane, because I'm PASSING!

When the checkout person gives me my change, and puts the receipt in my hand and then piles the coins on top of the receipt. Really? sigh.

Christmas lights in July.

I have to stop here, or I may just spend the rest of the day typing on this thread.

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Default  Posted: 10:39 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Wait Williesmom just made me think of another one.

Cashiers at Tim Horton's who keep the change without asking as a tip. Burns my butt, a tip is to be decided by the patron based on service, you don't get to decide what I tip you!!!

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Default  Posted: 11:21 AM, October 30th (Wednesday)

When the checkout person gives me my change, and puts the receipt in my hand and then piles the coins on top of the receipt.
GAH - this one gets me too!

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Default  Posted: 12:01 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Adding to the grocery store irritations... people who stop and chat with other patrons in the middle of an aisle, or at the end of an aisle so you hit them when you round the corner then shoot you dagger looks. This is a grocery store, people, not happy hour. I am there on a mission and don't appreciate your socialization!

Also, checkout clerks who comment on every item you buy... or stop to look at the ingredients on the label. Again - I am on a mission and don't have time (or interest) in your commentary.

At work, I can't stand the sniffer, carrot chomper and lunch stealers that work on my floor. Also, 20-something girls who dress for the club instead of our conservative business office. Yes, your strappy gold f-me shoes are cute, your sequined trimmed pants are trendy, and your see-through top is sexy, but none of them belong here!

Final grumble - the changeover of clothing in retail stores two seasons early... like back to school clothes and winter jackets replacing swimwear on racks in mid-June, or shorts and flip-flops replacing sweaters and snow boots in January. It's Ohio, people. And I have kids who are growing like weeds (or wear through their new snowpants - purchased in July - by January 21). Not always easy to plan ahead for what might fit them/they might need. Let me shop the appropriate season!

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Default  Posted: 12:25 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Most anything my ILs do or say.

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Default  Posted: 1:05 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

*when eating at your desk and someone comes over, looks at your food, and asks, "what's that?!?!" - as if I'm eating human flesh

Omg I laughed so hard it scared the kitten that was sleeping on me.

Parents who leave their young kids alone in the children's section of the library. Hey rocket scientist, kids can be kidnapped. Also, I do not enjoy your child screaming, halling ass at top speed around the bookcases, and slamming things. How can you teach your kid manners if you are off who knows where?

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Default  Posted: 1:14 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

I am so dam cranky today this thread fits my mood well...

** Slow drivers in the fast lane.

** People who use baby talk to their kids, no matter what the age.

**When a kid acts up in public the parent tries to play it off as cuteness and looks discreetly at you for for approval...

** People who when they speak a word with the letter S in it make the S whistle when they speak it.. (example is Michelle Dugger)

** Women who click their acrylic nails on keyboards, desks... whatever....

** People who work in stores who have a set of keys to the store on their wrist like a braclet and they clank them around...

All very petty I know, but like I said I am really cranky today

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Anyone who wants to "ax" me a question.

People who cannot put their cell phone down long enough to finish grocery transactions.

Men/Women who are old enough to know better, yet dress like teenagers anyway.

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Default  Posted: 2:21 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Businesses that post their hours as Standard Time when they really mean Daylight Time. If they aren't truly going by Standard Time for international purposes then just post the hours as "Eastern Time" or "Pacific Time", etc.

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Default  Posted: 2:33 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Anyone who wants to "ax" me a question.

Gabybaby, that drives me crazy too. Or, when somebody says "those are mines" instead of "those are mine".

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Default  Posted: 5:08 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Most of mine are driver related even though I'm mainly a pedestrian.

Do *not* let off your brakes at a stop light when I'm crossing in front of you.

Watch the damn crosswalks before you turn. People still use them. They are *not* just decoration.

Just because you don't feel like going 20 feet further to turn doesn't mean you can cut through a parking lot or gas station to make the turn .

Red lights mean STOP, not speed up to get through the intersection in the fraction of a second before the opposing light turns green.

One last one, work related. Do NOT act like you know my job better than I do. *Especially* if *I* trained you and have been doing that job or similar since you were in middle school.

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Slow drivers in the fast lane.

How about this... fast drivers in the slow lane who pass you and cut in front of you so close you have to slam on your brakes.

Like... How dare you be driving the speed limit in the slow "right" lane minding your own damn business.

And PS: The rest of the road around us was empty.

That happened to me today.

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Default  Posted: 7:03 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

This is not the time to get out and check you childs backpack, or have a fifteen minute goodbye...or chat with another parent dropping off. PLEASE.....

This drives me nuts. Entitled much? In our school there is a parking lot right there, if you want to fiddle, hug and talk... just park and walk your kid to the sidewalk.

-People who pay me and put a little note on the check... don't cash till x day. I always want to leave a note that says> Let me know when I can cash your next check and I'll see if I'm available to clean".

-My kids putting their cereal bowls in the sink ALL day without rinsing them.

-Parents/people who receive your assistance and service who want to give you advice on how to do your 'volunteer' work better.

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Default  Posted: 7:38 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Nearly everything in this thread! We're all in good company here.

- People who ask for professional advice because something's not working out for them, then just get defensive and ignore everything I told them. (I am, of course, always super nice about it - nothing worth getting defensive over.) Fast forward a few months, "hey, I know I'm still doing all the same things that weren't working for me before, and you already gave me a ton of ideas that I haven't implemented yet, but can you give me a ton more free advice please???" Ugh.

- When people lean on their horn to let someone know they're waiting for them outside. Maybe a short beep if you have absolutely no other way to contact them, but come onnnnn already with the leaning.

- "Hubby." I know it's basically the parlance of the 21st century, but it bugs the crap out of me for some reason.

- People taking blind corners in the grocery store at 34900 MPH with their cart flying, and nearly run you over. I know we all want to get the hell out of here, but try not to crush my feet in the process.

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Thank God my youngest is in HS now and I don't have to deal with the car rider line.

When he was in elementary school, there was a woman who somehow managed to be in front of me 2 or 3 times a week. Every day, she would stop in the line (despite the 15 visitor parking spaces just to the left), get out of the car, pop the hatchback, take her kid's rolling backpack (or whatever the hell those things are called) out, extend the handle, and then Snowflake would take it and walk into the school. If the kid had some medical problem preventing her from carrying the bag, then no problem. Just park your car in the space and let the rest of us get on with our lives.

My current traffic peeve is the assholes who are flying up behind me as I am passing a vehicle. Despite the fact that I am clearly going faster than the "slow lane" traffic and have my turn signal on indicating that I will move over once I've cleared the vehicle, these guys are intent on forcing me to go faster or moving me out of the way. Makes me want to just let off the gas and drive side by side for a mile or two.


Drivers who don't do the "thanks" wave when I let them ahead of me. Most of them are on the phone or texting.

reminded me of a Jeff Foxworthy bit at the end of a Blue Collar show. He said, "I believe.... if you let someone in front of you in traffic and they don't give you the little 'thank you' wave, it ought to be perfectly legal to get a fender under them and put them into the wall."

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Default  Posted: 8:02 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Drivers who can't read the signs...."yield" means you slow down, or even stop, if the lane you are merging onto isn't clear. And that also goes for "merge to the left"..if you are in the right lane, you can't just come into my lane, expecting me to stop for you.

Drivers who see the "left lane closed in 1/2 mile" yet continue to drive in the left lane to get ahead. Hey buddy...I am not sitting in the right lane, in traffic, for my health. And NO, I won't let you in.

Express check out lanes at the stores for 10 items or less. Please count your stuff...10 items or less...NOT 15, 20, or 25. And yes, sometimes I do count how many things you have.


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Default  Posted: 8:29 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

- Cyclists that take up an entire lane on a 45+ mph road.

- People that eat lunch on a conference call and don't extend the courtesy to mute their phone.

- Anyone who uses the self checkout lane and takes longer than three minutes.

- People who have 5 items in the self checkout lane and bitch at my $250 grocery pile in the self checkout lane, even though I am done in five minutes and rolling out while they're busy bitching about my $250 of groceries and holding up the fifteen people behind them because they need that 15 cents off of the five bags of frozen corn and BY THE GODDESS OF SAVINGS, THEY WILL USE THIS COUPON FOR 3 CENTS OFF PER BAG.

- People that don't help bag their own groceries.

- Womens magazines that have almost naked porn stars splattered across their covers all with 50000 sex tips THAT WILL DRIVE HIM WILD and "50 fashion tips to hide the weight!" all lined up at eye level at the grocery checkout, because I have three options to stare at when I am in line waiting: the other people in line, the candy, and that shit.

- Cheap plastic dice that still have the flash on the edges.

- Half the states in this fine Union because they don't know what the fuck a sign is, and half of those don't know what the fuck clippers are for. Hint: they're for clipping back the fucking bushes that are obscuring the sign for the Interstate.

- the phrases "All natural" and "organic" and "green movement" because they're all marketing gimmicks.


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Default  Posted: 2:41 PM, October 31st (Thursday)

I have a few more because I'm cranky today.

Cyclists on my rural road with no shoulders, that give you a dirty look whe you pass them or honk to let them know you are coming up on them, or just ride on my road. WTF really you cant find a pretty road with a shoulder, or even better, there is a whole trail that goes from one end of the state to the other, try riding it or many of the other ones in the area. Why is it necessary to dress like Lance Armstrong (even though you are 50 years old and 50 pounds overwheight) and choose to play Tour De Jefferson County Missouri on my road?!?!?

Self checkout lanes in stores, and those are the only lanes open. Listen Assholes, If I am shopping in your Grocery Store, and paying extra so you can be in a union and have great benefits then I want you to ring my shit up and put in bags.

I get only having the self lanes open at some stores, but really the grocery store at 4pm on a weekday? I am not the only idiot who needs to pick up a few items. Get your GD cashiers at their stations, instead of letting them all play grabass behind the customer service counter. (Oh I'm no longer going to said grocery store)

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Default  Posted: 2:47 PM, October 31st (Thursday)

hurting2much, my H actually pissed someone off by not letting her cut in front of him. Roadwork was being done on one of the major strips near us - signs posted a good mike back as a head's up. Road down to one lane each direction. Lady speeds along until she runs out of lane and has to stop (actually passed my H doing so). She has to sit there until there's clearance because *no one* will allow her to cut. She tried to in front of my H but he wouldn't let her either. Made sure she wouldn't have the room. Boy was she PISSED. Started cussing a blue streak at him as he went past. Him? He just snickered and kept going. I have no sympathy for people like that. They saw the sign like everyone else but just assumed (since they're so "special" ) that someone will allow them to cut in front of them. Even worse are the one who come thisclose to causing an accident because they ignored the sign to merge and wait til the last second.

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I have more...

*people that give you advice that they themselves aren't willing to practice

*people who pile all their shit on the seat next to them on the train then get annoyed when you ask to sit in that seat - move your shit, bitch. (this happened this morning)

*people who intentionally take longer to pull out of a parking space just because they see you waiting (there's actual research about this)

*people who leave their shopping carts smack dab in the middle of a parking space - so you can walk your ass all over said store but are too fucking lazy to walk the cart back to where it belongs. Lazy fuckers.

*inconsiderate smokers - i.e., train station. There is a SIGN clearly stating smoking is prohibited yet there is at least three assholes that think that rule does not apply to them. They often wind up with a $250 citation.

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*people who sit next to me on the airplane. I don't care, sorry, unless that seat is the do not fucking sit next to me and WOE BE TO YOU if you try to engage me in conversation. There is a direct relationship to my eyes staying on my book and keeping that giant metal bird in the air. Stop fucking with it!

*bangs. I hate them. Not on other people, but on me. Stop telling me to wear bangs. I won't do it and I'm just going to think you are stupid.

*that my dogs can't go the night without peeing. It is worst than having infants. At least then I could kick dh and pretend to be asleep so he could tend to the baby. But now he caught on to that trick and I'm up twice a night to let the damn dog out. And in. And out. And in.

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For me, I cross international bridges every day to go to work. So...

People who, when the line isn't moving fast enough on the bridge, start honking. Yeah, because that's totally going to make the customs inspectors go faster!

When there is no earthly reason why there can't be more than one lane open if no inspection is being performed...what's the problem???? Why do we have to sit in a long line while the stupid bar goes up and down, up and down for each car if no one is checking anything??? Open another stinking lane already!!!

When the "rapid inspection" lane moves more slowly than the regular lane. Um, the reason we all paid $$$$ for the SENTRI is so that we could get to work on time!

Ok, now I feel better.

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*that my dogs can't go the night without peeing. It is worst than having infants

^^^^THIS!!! He is driving me crazy lately. Sometimes he gets me up twice during the night.

****Grocery store clerks who insist on putting my gallon milk jug in a bag. If it has a handle on it I don't need or want a bag. I have 2 drawers full of plastic bags, I don't need any more.

****Then one day the lady was double bagging me and when I asked her not to she got mad.

****People who drive in the left lane for miles on the interstate out in the country only to cut you off once they pass you.

**** Not being able to get ahead at work because you work hard and don't kiss ass - or at least not the right one.

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*My ex being snarky about visitation times.
When it's his turn to request vacation with DD, he will try to do so a week in advance even though according to our parenting plan, we must give 2 months advanced notice. When I attempted to request vacation with DD 1 EFFING DAY past the 2 month mark, he throws a giant tantrum about it and says no. He constantly comes early to pick her up for his time. If I try to come a few minutes early to pick her up...huge blow out and he insists I come in and wait for him to finish his full entitled visitation. @@ D*ck.

*The call center at the clinic I work at. They know NOTHING medically related, which is frustrating when they are scheduling patients and then I have to deal with their mistakes when patients come into the clinic.

*Traffic. Just...yeah. Other drivers are stupid.

I have been cheated on by 3 different men, and I have more DDays than anyone ever should. I am here, just trying to pickup the pieces.

At least the current man "only" cyber-cheated.

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.. that come to our door tonight for Trick or Treat and just hold their bag open, take the candy treats and walk away..

No 'thank you'.. nothing!!!

when did manners become obsolete?..

..pisses me right off!

..some of the older kids don't even bother with dressing up!!



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We have a smoking zone on campus, beside the parking lot, behind the testing centre.

The other evening we had two rooms full of people taking exams, windows closed.

Both rooms stank of second hand smoke, it smelled like a bar in there.

So I take a picture of the smoking zone from our window today and email it to the facilities management office to point out that maybe they could move the smoking zone somewhere else because people are drifting away from the 'zone' and into the parking lot right under our windows.

Most of the folks in the picture work in Facilities Management.

I'm guessing that one is going straight to the recycle bin.

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I have a million but the one that comes to mind is people who let their children scream/throw a tantrum/ run amok in a restaurant. You and your snowflake are not the only people on the planet. Everyone here is trying to have a relaxing meal out and spending their money to do so. Take snowie to the car. I had to for a good solid year and that's why my kid is sitting in his seat and saying please and thank you. Because that crap doesn't fly with me... so why do I have to listen to the ear splitting screams of yours?
Makes me so mad.

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kids that come to our door tonight for Trick or Treat and just hold their bag open, take the candy treats and walk away..

Know what I do? I play stupid and say, "Hi. Can I help you?"

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Bike riders on the road. It makes me scared that I am going to him them, especially when they start riding in the middle of the road and people honk at me because I don't want to yell at them and/or over take them.

Can't see why they can't ride on the footpath. I don't want to freaking kill them. a person walking can move out of the way quickly and it's easier.

acrylic nails on the keyboard. and girls who dress like whores when they work an office job. I NEVER dressed like that when I worked in an office. Sends out the wrong message and that message is the one I instinctively think of.

Also and this one is for the Australians! HALLOWEEN IS NOT A HOLIDAY HERE! So therefore every year I forget that you know... teenagers are going to knock on my door dressed as really at the end of the day SLUTS and demand chocolate and sweets.

I really don't mind the little ones though, except when they look incredibly disappointed that I don't have chocolates and sweets at my home that I would be able to give them. (I'm not going to break off a bit of chocolate for you... it's al going to be packaged... OKAY! no risk of being blamed for poisoning then!)

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One of my pet peeves is parents (well mothers) that call themselves "Mama Bears" and project that as a good thing because "Nobody is going to hurt my child."

Most often, it seems to me those same parents are helicopter parents "directing" their child's life, never holding that child (or teen or even adult) accountable for anything, and rescuing them from every possible situation they get in, no matter whether they were wronged, or were the ones who actually wronged someone else. I am not particularly impressed when somebody proclaims herself as a "Mama Bear." I think there comes a point when even real Mama bears let their offspring fend for themselves.

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1. I freaking HATE being interrupted. Don't be a rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate asshole and let me finish my damn sentence.

2. A dirty kitchen. Crumbs on counters, dishes piled in the sink, cabinet doors left half open, paper/cardboard piled on top of the recycling bin instead of put in it...I think my H pisses me off on purpose.

3. Parking your cart in the middle of the aisle. Move it to the side!

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Double post

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These are cracking me up and raising my blood pressure all at the same time!

> When I am in the grocery store line and still waiting for my turn when all of a sudden the register next to me opens up and the 2 people BEHIND me decide their time is more valuable than mine and scoot over.

> When I go into the ladies room at work and the toilet seat cover is still sitting on the seat.

> Coffee grinds in the bathroom sink. work. We are supposedly professionals but I guess no one is exempt from nasty.

> And my recent pet peeve from last night! -- Opening the door expecting to find trick-or-treaters only to be cornered by a Windows and Siding solicitor. AYFKM??

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This is great! I have so many... I'll try to control myself.

re: traffic. At the end of my nightly commute home, I have to get into the center turning lane for the upcoming light. I put my blinker on as soon as I'm through the previous light, but there's always some assh*le behind me who rushes to get into the turning lane then comes up beside me so I can't get in the lane, too. WHY?! Wait your damn turn.

grocery store: there's no one in the entire aisle, so I pull up to the section I need and start looking. Suddenly there are 5 other people pushing in front of me to get at the same frickin' products I'm looking at. Wait your turn!

Still at the grocery store: when it's my turn to start unloading my cart onto the moving conveyor belt and the turd behind me starts unloading his cart, too, so my space completely runs out before I'm finished. Wait your TURN!!

I think there's a theme in my life...

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People who don't take responsibility for their actions!!!!!
I'm a substitute teacher... Kids come in and screw off. Then the regular teacher comes back and gives them hell. Then they go "Ooo Miss, that sub was soooo mean.
My wife knew a guy, an assistant manager, who STOLE the deposit bag (about $5 K from Papa Johns')and was caught ON TAPE. And he goes to jail. He later said of the head manager "That fat MFer made me go to jail. Really ??

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Smokers who litter with cigarette butts. Who gave you permission to throw your trash on the ground??

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I work in a high school, so my pet peeves relate to teens....

Yoga pants. Don't. Just don't.

Ending a sentence with "so....yeah" because they don't know what to say.

So yeah.

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Yoga pants. Don't. Just don't.

Unless you're in a yoga class or your own home I think this applies to every single person... regardless of age and size.

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Smokers who litter with cigarette butts.

.... Especially the mystery one who jettisons the cigarette butt that I find at the end of my driveway (or sometimes even on it) every single day.

I, too, hate it when checkout operators are too ill-mannered to say please and thank you, at least. How on earth can they NOT say it, when they're taking and giving money all day long?! Have they never heard of Pavlov?

The other thing I hate is seeing tiny children in strollers being pushed all around town with dirty faces; because they've been given something to eat to keep them quiet, but no one could be bothered to clean the poor little tots up afterwards.

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Ending a sentence with "so....yeah" because they don't know what to say.

I have a former supervisor/now co-worker who does this bc she likes to hear herself talk

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When the checkout person gives me my change, and puts the receipt in my hand and then piles the coins on top of the receipt.
Ugh! Me too, because then I have to separate the change into the change purse and the receipt into the other pocket and it takes longer. Why can't they give me the change, and then give me the receipt as it comes out. They always have to wait for the receipt anyway. That way, I can be done and out of the way for the next person.

People that pull out in front of me and slow down, especially when there is no one behind me. Wait another 5 seconds until I pass and then pull out. Then I won't care how damn fast or slow you are going.

Bike riders scare me. In this day and age, unless there is a bike path, do you know how dangerous it is to be driving in traffic? Most people don't slow down for them. Many pass them within inches. I really don't want to see someone get killed.

One of my pet peeves is parents (well mothers) that call themselves "Mama Bears" and project that as a good thing because "Nobody is going to hurt my child."
YES! Because everyone's little "precious" is special and should win every single game (we had a Halloween costume contest at school for the families of our students. The moms actually got mad because all of their children didn't win first prize (a goody bag with candy). We had candy littered all over the tables for the kids to grab and help themselves. Everyone can't win all the time. What are they teaching for when they hit the real world?) I really think these parents are totally living thru their children and using them to make up for every single time they weren't picked first or lost a contest when they were little.

Ignorance. It abounds. And OMG!!!! I had some guy jumping on me for my politics because of the bumper sticker I have on my car, and then he told me no one was gonna take away his gun rights and he pulled out a gun as he was sitting in the driver's seat of his car and showed me (it's okay, because he has a license to carry ) and his 2 year old baby was sitting in the passenger seat right next to him! What keeps her from reaching over and grabbing it? OMG!!!

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People who put empty ice trays back into the freezer...REALLY??

Leaving the top off of the ketchup bottle at restaurants.

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Red  Posted: 10:13 AM, November 2nd (Saturday)


Please remember that OT is an infidelity-free zone.

Thank you.

Take up your space (and do it well).

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I have MANY pet peeves.

People who can't type the words and decide to use ur for you're, or 2 for to/too. That drives me BATTY and makes me think you are just ignorant or lazy. That includes texting. Don't text me if you can't be bothered to write it out.

Drivers who have to be assholes. The ones who stay in the wrong lane to get onto the freeway because they are MUCH to special to wait in the line and then nearly run me off of the on ramp because they have to be in front of me.

People who don't USE the on ramp to get up to the actual freeway minimum speed and I am stuck behind you. The minimum speed here is 60 mph. You are in front of me doing 35-40 and I am then trying to merge onto the freeway with traffic zooming past driving at a snails pace.

People who proclaim themselves "Christian" then pontificate about how others are going to hell, but then get pissy when their hypocritical words are pointed out.

People who feel like they MUST carry a gun. I don't want to be in a place that is being robbed and have you try to be a hero and end up causing a gun fight.

People who use unemployment as vacation money and then cry about how hard it is to find a job when they only have 2 or 3 weeks left of their unemployment.

People who let their kids run wild in public. Unless you are in a kids play area, keep them on a short leash. I raised my kids. They were all very well behaved in public because they knew I wouldn't put up with it.

Customer service people who don't know their jobs or who are rude.

Medical people (nurses, Dr's, aides) who are just lazy.

Dr's who assume they know more than you who have been living and caring for that patient for more than 20 years.

People who park across two or more spots.

People who park in the handicapped spot then sit in their car so their able-bodied passenger can run into the store.

Ugh...yeah I have more but I will stop. I don't just have issues, I have complete subscriptions.

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My pet peeve is people that leave shopping carts in the parking lot. Some will leave them right in their space when there is a corral in the very next space! It drives me NUTS. I returned a cart last week and another shopper came up to me and said "thanks for doing that; hardly anyone does that anymore". Nice to be recognized, but also sad that so few do it, it has become something to be praised for???

To me, this just smacks of a sense of entitlement. Like "I'm sooooo busy and special, someone can retrieve my cart for me". Really irritates me to no end.

Edited to add: The screaming kids in restaurants or grocery stores drives me completely nuts too. I'll never forget the time I was in a grocery store and two kids were running and screaming up and down the aisles. Parent nowhere to be found. Finally, another patron stopped the kids and asked where their parents were. Kids just kinda shrugged and pointed in the distance. Patron went and got the manager to find the parents and retrieve their unruly kids.

OMG, that person was my hero!

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People who think they're so special that they don't have to take a number and wait at the deli/meat/seafood/bakery counter. (saw it happen today)

People who are texting or talking and almost take off the front quarter panel of my car (again happened today)

People who can't share common space for even five seconds... (I'm saving these seats!!!!! ack ack) I told douchbag I'd only be there two seconds to rearrange a bag. FFS... Get a life! Stupid guy almost hyperventilated because I put my bag done for a second.

People who don't read the sign that says "No dogs" and bring their precious little 100lb "baby" into a crowded area full of people. Didn't want the poor "baby" to get wet in the rain. I thought most dogs were fairly rain proof.

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* Food thiefs at work. Is it really necessary for me to write my initials in big black letters on the top of my Pepsi can because you don't know it is not yours to begin with? This occurs everywhere I have ever worked over the decades.

* Parents who let their children throw their tantrums or run wild in public. For goodness sakes, teach your child some manners and hold them accountable! Mine were always well behaved and we received compliments regularly. It CAN be done!

* People who squeeze their car so close to mine in the parking lot I have to climb in through the passenger door. I have a special asshole note I keep in my glovebox for just those occasions.

* People who pile up items for the cashier, have them ring everything up, then realize they can't afford it all and I have to wait for you to go through each item one by one to see what you won't be buying to get the total under the magic affordability number. Hey, asshole, ever hear of the concept of keeping track of prices while you are shopping so there are no surprises at the cashier?

* People who don't wipe off the toilet seat and leave their piss dribbles there, or who don't flush. Just plain gross!

* Women who wear high heels that can't walk in them. You look stupid.

* Women who insist on wearing spandex when they really shouldn't.

* Cashiers that are incapable of giving correct change without the aid of a computer. And God help me if I give them additional change to make the change I am owed an even number!

* Asshole drivers.

* Stupid people.

* Rude, inconsiderate assholes.

* Bad or no manners at all!!

* The false sense of entitlement so many seem to possess, and it is just getting worse.

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Default  Posted: 11:55 AM, November 3rd (Sunday)

Screaming infants on planes. Please, don't you realize your infants EARS are hurting from the cabin pressure?? I have asked several panicked moms to let me hold their babies to quiet them. I put my hands over their ears and hold them close and they go to sleep. Poor little babies!

Fast food drive through lanes where there is a 'recorded' message when you push the button to order, going on and on about a new product. No! I just want to order and KNOW what I want, don't want to sit in my car listening to a long commercial.

The main passenger in my car -- my mom -- slapping her open palm on the dash when I'm still a block away from a stop sign!

People who scream at their kids in public (or private) and have no control. This also applies to people who hit their kids in public. I WILL get a police officer on you!

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Shutup  Posted: 1:11 PM, November 3rd (Sunday)

Rommie ......

Oh god ... really need to seek therapy ... I have a lot ... But I feel most of mine are common sense ...

when you dirty dishes wash them clean with DISH SOAP !!! They are not clean because you run them under hot water and knock off the big stuff .....

If your tired of picking up your weird smelling bottle of brown liquid from the bottom of the shower stop leaving it on the edge of the tub where I kick it over when I step in the shower. I got tired of always picking it up, setting it in the opposite corner, so I just leave it in the bottom of the tub ...

More curious about this one ... Who needs/uses hand sanitizer in the shower ??? It also winds up in the bottom of the tub, I hit it with my elbow or hand every time, always left on the shelf that is level with my arm ... Also got tired of picking it up and putting it in the corner with the weird bottle of stuff ...

When you tell me you are going to have the check here have it here ... not on the 3-4 time I have inquired when it is late or a no show for the time you said. If your not going to do it, don't say you are and then give me lame ass excuses of why ... To be fair he is 2mo ahead on rent, so it is a benefit to me, he pays monthly still, even being ahead. The lack of follow through and blase way he deals with it, annoy me.

Telling me Charly pooped on the floor great, me having to clean up the poop you clearly missed super annoying ...

When you cook with grease do not dump it in the grass out back, Charly eats/licks it and makes her sick, she is not a table food dog. If you wait till grease cools & congeals you can wipe it out with a napkin into the trash ...

The neanderthal noises have got to stop, seriously this is not a pissing match to see who can be noisier. Noise is not manly or endearing ...

Courtesy flush ... Close the door after you leave, it is not an air freshener for the whole TINY house.

It's your laundry ... You switch it between washer/dryer, you remove it from washer dryer ......

The musty feet, testosterone, ass smell coming from your room, keep the door closed. It's your filth IDC how you keep your room, I care when it starts to infiltrate the rest of the house ...

I really am a sweet person. Really. Your in the Army, your an Lt in the Army, your in charge of other men's lives, they send you over seas to protect our country. I really hope your observation skills of the mundane everyday stuff is better attuned than they are here. Very scary if they are not, or even more scattered ect. because of the intense life/death sitch.

Work .........

If you are scheduled to be there, then be there. If you can't for whatever reason call in advance soon enough before your shift to have proper coverage. If they don't show up manager get off your ass and call in someone, or get your ass on the phone or waiting tables or both.

If I hear one more time it is not my job, or you don't have to do that it's his/her job, I'm gonna slap someone.

I'm a better employee than most deserve, and it is never returned. Well rarely returned with the same effort I give. I give to much and expect the same in return, my mistake. I still don't think what I ask for is, expect, is so hard out of reach ...

See told you I needed therapy, or just to learn to lower my expectations of humans.

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* Apostrophe abuse. Plurals NEVER require apostrophes, even if they end with the letter s. For words that end with s, you make a plural by adding -es. Sometimes, you add an additional -s before the -es. You do not use an apostrophe, even if the word being pluralized is a proper noun.


(And yes, I know I write grammatically incorrect sentence fragments. The best advice I was ever given, by a high school English teacher, was NOT to change this, because it is my style. The style is how I make a significant portion of my living. It was good advice. But I don't abuse apostrophes---just sentence structure. Even when I know an editor will correct my punctuation, if need be.)

* The misuse of the term "crocodile tears." It does not refer to any large tears shed by someone. It specifically refers to fake tears shed in order to manipulate. They do not reflect sadness. They are fake. So no, your grief-stricken child did NOT cry crocodile tears, unless s/he's a budding sociopath. I hope that is not the case.

* When people put their hands on my walls. Stand up! Get your grubby mitts off my walls! I don't want to wash your prints off, and I don't want to have to look at them, either. And I definitely don't want to spring for another 5 grand paint job any time soon. Go lean on your own freaking walls. Mine? Get your grubby paws off.

* Noisy eating. And even if someone is not noisily smacking his or her lips, why is it that some peoples' crunching is amplified by their skulls, as if there is nothing in there to absorb the sound? Seriously---my beautiful (and very brainy, so I know there's something in there) daughter, chewing with her mouth closed just like her mama taught her, can make a baby carrot sound like it's been amplified for a stadium.

* The person who seems to think it's okay to remove my must-be-refrigerated lunch from the fridge at work to access his/her lunch---then leaves my must-be-refrigerated lunch on the counter to get warm.

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Adult college students who ask for "extra credit" assignments because they didn't bother to do the assignments they were given.

My answer is always no. Even as a high school teacher I never believed in "extra credit." If circumstances warrant special treatment, I will let you complete overdue work for credit, or maybe even resubmit work that was not satisfactory. But I'm not going to spend time making up completely new assignments for students who (in most cases) don't even have a very good excuse for falling behind in the course in the first place.

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Slow drivers in the fast lane. Pee on a public toilet seat ( clean that up!!!). Cigarette butts on the ground and/or flying out of car windows. Sniffers that won't bow their nose. And on my running trail - people that leave behind their dog's poo, and people that are smoking when it's 1)clearly prohibited and 2) really hard for all the people running and biking to breathe in the smoke cloud.

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Love this topic, even though my colleagues all think I'm nutty for snort-laughing.

Students who miss class, then stroll in (late) the next class and ask, Hey, did I miss anything important?
Depending on my mood, the answer is chosen from the following:
--(Laughs crazily.) You are such a joker! Wait, you're serious?
-- Killer glare over the top of glasses.

Parents of college kids who call me to explain why cupcake turned her work in late.

Parents of college kids who help them cheat on assignments.

Parents of college kids who state kid will have X large consequence for cheating, and then don't follow through.

Students and colleagues who start an email asking for a favor with "Hey."

Colleagues who reheat fish sticks in the staff microwave. I love fish. I do not love smelling YOUR fish at my desk.

The bagger at the grocery store who puts bananas and leaf lettuce at the bottom of the bag and then drops a jar of pickles and three cans of soup on top of it even though I ask, politely, EVERY FRICKIN TIME I COME THRU YOUR CHECKOUT, to keep produce separate. It can't possibly be a surprise; you've been working there three years and I come to that store at least once a week. STOP IT!!!

Cashiers who grab the bread in the middle of the loaf or who toss the pears down the bagging counter. See point above

Ahhhhh, now I feel better!

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Oh I forgot two, and I haven't seen them here yet.

News reports that start their story with "Yah" when the anchor hands off to them. "Yah" - Seriously?!?! WTF people aren't you supposed to be a college educated person with tons of practice in public speaking? Who in the world told you it was ok to start the hand off with Yah?!? It's rampant too, local and national news.

My second one today has to do with speaking as well. What is the damn deal with teens, and young adults speaking with a lilting rise in their voice at the end of each sentence so it sounds like a question? I guess they think it's cute, but I think it makes you look like an idiot. My daughter started doing it last year.
For Example DD: "Today in choir we sang God Bless America?" My repsonse to this type of speech goes something like. "I don't know did you, because I wasn't there. Would you like me to contact your teacher and ask her?"
If you speak to me in that manner I will respond like I am answering a question 9 times out of 10. It's not cute you sound dumb, and it does not command respect or attention.

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The neighbor next door who mows her lawn two or three times a week whether it needs it or not. Hint: it doesn't.

The neighbors who use a leaf blower and blow the leaves down the side of the hill, and then the wind blows the leaves back into their yard an hour later.

Robo calls.

Anyone who texts or calls while driving. Have had two close calls with these selfish, thoughtless types over the last year.

People who look me in the eyes and lie to me. Are you reading this honey? Grrr...

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- people who leave cupboard doors open

- people who don't look when they throw trash in the trashcan and it is obviously overflowing, empty the damn thing

- people who don't wipe up their little messes on the counter

- people who think it is perfectly okay to use their fork and take a sample of my food off my plate

- people who have a negative attitude about everything

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