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User Topic: Happy Birthday Chrysalis123 !!!!!!!!!!
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Cool  Posted: 9:11 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Have a wonderful day!

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Reconciled :)
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Default  Posted: 9:11 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


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Default  Posted: 9:20 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Happy Birthday!

You can call me NIK

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Default  Posted: 9:45 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Happy Birthday!!

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Default  Posted: 10:06 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Happy Birthday!

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Default  Posted: 10:58 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a terrific day!

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Default  Posted: 11:22 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Happy birthday!!! So you're a Halloween baby? Fun!

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Default  Posted: 11:42 PM, October 30th (Wednesday)

Wow!! This made me happy to see birthday wishes. Thank you so much.

I am a Halloween Baby. A neighbor came over to visit my mother. Except he hid behind her window wearing a gorilla costume and jumped out and scared her. She was so scared she fell down and landed in a laundry basket and promptly delivered me!!

Happy Halloween everyone..

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Default  Posted: 12:20 AM, October 31st (Thursday)

Happy Birthday Chrys!!!

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Default  Posted: 9:15 AM, October 31st (Thursday)

Happy Birthday!!!!!

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Default  Posted: 2:21 PM, October 31st (Thursday)

Happy Birthday!!!

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Default  Posted: 4:59 PM, November 10th (Sunday)

Belated Happy Birthday!!!
What a stunning cake!

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Default  Posted: 11:01 PM, November 10th (Sunday)

I thought so too!

Donít get to the end of your life and find that you lived only the length of it; live the width of it as well.†

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