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User Topic: Update on 4 yr old DS not getting the treat after class...
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Default  Posted: 4:22 PM, October 31st (Thursday)

Ok, some of you wonderful people responded to my getting upset that the music teacher for my 4 year old ds class said that if he was not good next week, he would not get the sticker at the end of class.

I was a little upset, because he was pretty good at the end, and I was not really sure what he did wrong.

most people responded to me saying that it would be good for him to see consequences, and after I thought about it, I realized, yes, he needs to realize that there are consequences, and even if that mean he would be sad and yell...

he needs boundaries, I am too lenient, and yep, I might be nervous about ds getting in trouble in class but he needs to learn to sit and listen...

Well, my WH laughed and said, "10 bucks Johnny will not get that sticker tomorrow" I was ready for the tears.

I told Johnny as we went up to music that his teacher would not give him a sticker if he was naughty. I said, crawling on the floor like a dog, not paying attention, and running around the class were naughty.

Um... guess who got the sticker today? JOHNNY!! =)

His teacher stopped us at the end and said how proud she was of his good behavior, and several parents said, Wow, he was really well behaved today. And it was a much more enjoyable experience for ME, not running around after him.

After I got out of my indignant, NOT my precious baby! mode, and thought, You know, he does need boundaries... I was pleasantly surprised with what my DS can do! He CAN be good! =)

Thanks for your help and suggestions last week =)

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Way to go. He will need those skills for success in kindergarten as the teacher will expect him to be able to sit quietly (without you there for 15-30 minutes).

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Yay for little guy!

Just fyi, youre pretty much going to have the same convo everytime you go up the steps to music til it sticks...and there will still be days he crawls on the floor like a dog.

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You can call me NIK

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What a proud moment!!

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Such a great update!

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