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Question  Posted: 8:05 AM, November 3rd (Sunday)

My husband had an EA and soon after that ended, he began what I call a "no contact sexual affair"...they sexted and did Facetime where she showed my husband her breasts and had a very sexual conversation. This lasted a few weeks.

We are working on R,and we are looking for good books for me as the BS and him as the WW and for getting things back on track with our marriage and building up trust again.

Thank you!

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" his needs, her needs". Male author ?
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Welcome to SI. I am sorry you are here. You have found a great place to find experience that can help you heal. Weekends can be a bit slow around here so don't get discouraged with only a couple responses. Keep reading and posting and asking questions.

There is a list if books in the Healing Library. That is located in the yellow box on the upper left side of the screen. There are also articles and FAQ that are very helpful.

A few of the most recommended books around here seem to be:
Not Just Friends
How To Help Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair
After the Affair

Please take care of yourself.

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Default  Posted: 12:17 PM, November 4th (Monday)

Thank you! I will look into these suggestions!

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I found Sexual Detours by Hines to be helpful in understanding the dynamics of the A.

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