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User Topic: 1,000 Post Party for Abbondad!!!!!
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Happy  Posted: 7:48 AM, November 4th (Monday)

Congratulations!!!! I know that you are in a continual struggle with your stbxww. Thank you for being able to reach out to so many others and help them out during all of this.


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Default  Posted: 8:33 AM, November 4th (Monday)

Congratulations, Abbondad!

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Default  Posted: 9:02 AM, November 4th (Monday)

congrats :)

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Default  Posted: 9:08 AM, November 4th (Monday)


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Default  Posted: 9:19 AM, November 4th (Monday)


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Default  Posted: 11:50 AM, November 4th (Monday)

YAY!!! Congrats on 1,000+ posts

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Default  Posted: 1:07 PM, November 4th (Monday)

Yaaay!! You've come a long way, AD!

(Someone might need to ping him... I'm not sure he's ever been in here... )

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Default  Posted: 4:58 PM, November 4th (Monday)

Way To Go!!!

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Default  Posted: 5:11 PM, November 4th (Monday)


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Default  Posted: 5:22 PM, November 4th (Monday)


Him WH
2 ddays in '07
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Default  Posted: 4:28 AM, November 5th (Tuesday)

Wow! Thanks for alerting me that this was going on down here!

You people are incredible.

I had no idea that there were 1,000 posts. Frankly I'm a little embarrassed! I feel like I came in and took over the SI forums.

But you all flocked to my side and got me where I am today. I have said it before, but now is a good opportunity to say it again: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I honestly do not believe I would have been able to find my strength to file if it hadn't been for SI. I would still likely have been in limbo enduring agonizing emotional abuse.

I have supportive family, friends, and therapist IRL. They all urged me toward the path I am now on. But the truth is, like a bereavement or any support group, nobody understands the trauma of infidelity unless they have gone through it. Cliched, but true.

To think: faceless, pseudonymed people in cyberspace played a crucial role in facing and conquering the most devastating decision and trauma of my life. It amazes me.

And I resolve to always give back to the many people here. It's the least I can do.

Again, just thank you--thank you so much. You are the good ones in life.

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Happy  Posted: 5:58 AM, November 5th (Tuesday)

Yeah! AD.

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Default  Posted: 9:01 AM, November 5th (Tuesday)

Woo Hoo! Abbondad!!! Glad you are in a better spot b/c of all your different support groups!

Reconciliation means that we both are authentic and vulnerable. I still have my H, and he's a better man than ever!

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Default  Posted: 3:07 PM, November 5th (Tuesday)

Congrats Abb! **standing up clapping**

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Default  Posted: 4:41 PM, November 10th (Sunday)


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Default  Posted: 11:08 PM, November 10th (Sunday)


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Default  Posted: 11:17 PM, November 10th (Sunday)

Congratulations on dipping your toe into F&G. Did you bring wine?

You're amazing. Keep going.

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