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I've shared here that the stress of my marriage almost killed me. I was hospitalized twice with what seemed like stroke symptoms (it wasn't, we still don't know what caused them). I had crippling back pain & needed a heating pad so much that my skin changed color. I had stomach pains so constant I popped Pepcid & Tums like they were Pez. Migraines up the wazoo (including ocular migraines, OMG!). Dizzy spells. Heart palpitations. And I developed high blood pressure that was truly frightening (240 over 210, if you can believe it!), although I was able to get it down with multiple medications. And I walked with a limp.

And then I Hefty Bagged his cheating, perverted ass.

Back pain disappeared.
Limp disappeared.
Stomach pain disappeared.
No more heart palpitations.
Kidney stones that I didn't know I had passed. Okay, ow!
Migraines never came back.
No more dizzy spells.

And now? Now that my divorce is final? My blood pressure readings are down 10-20 points??? Yeah, that's right.

Wow. Just wow.


I hope this lasts.

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Stress can manifest itself in truly horrific ways, probably more ways than modern science can currently discern. Now that your horrific stress is gone, it makes sense that some of those physical manifestations have gone with it. That is terrific news, and you can now continue to heal further. Life will only get better for you and your children.

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Yay!!!! I bet you feel so much better. He was killing you...literally!

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Its like you had a tumor removed. Amazing!

oh, and congrats on the D being final!!! I am doing my happy dance for you!


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Stress can really do a number on your body. I have a friend who has been divorced over 30 years-- but she lost sight in her right eye for almost a year while divorcing her WH!!

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Its like you had a tumor removed.

She did...he's her Ex

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Wow just wow! He was a toxic infectious tumor and you lanced it right off! Here's to your health NG!!

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A severe allergic reaction to perversion and asshats ? Glad you are feeling so much better! So happy for you!

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Stress does some shocking things to you. I rarely get sick but I was getting headaches almost weekly during the last year of that M - since S, not one (except the self-inflicted wine headaches which are pretty rare).

I'm thrilled for you NG.

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I have to wonder whether he was slowly poisoning you.

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It's called "malignant" narcissism for a reason. The day of our divorce hearing I wrote "malignant narcissist removal" on my calender.

I'm so glad that you are doing better. He was definitely toxic to you mentally AND physically!

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I have to wonder whether he was slowly poisoning you.

With some of the discoveries about your ex that you have shared here, this seems like a big possibility as well.

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Do the resolution of many of these physical traits open up more possibilities for full-time employment, Nature_Girl?

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I can tell when I'm stressed about something. Many people have headaches-- I get back pain that can sometimes even radiate down my legs; I had to go to physical therapy for it. When I was still with XWH (before DDay), I was experiencing:

constant back pain
plugged ears
lower abdominal pain

I was convinced that there was something seriously wrong with me; I saw my PCP, an ENT, my OB/GYN, and an NP at a gastroenterology practice. I had a lot of tests run, and nothing ever showed up.

When I finally left him, ALL of the head symptoms disappeared, and now the back pain/abdominal pain only comes back when I'm very stressed out. It's amazing the kind of power that the brain has over the body. Glad you're feeling better!

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