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I'm here to tell you, IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER!

Here's a funny-
Went to a neighborhood bar last night with a neighbor. A friends band was playing early (8-11P) so we planned to go for an hour to support him. My teens were home gaming. Guess who else was there??? Jhole (my ex) and The Weed(his wife, my former 'best' friend), There was only a small open space at the bar, so I sidled up right next to them and ordered my beer and took it back to our table. They looked ugly and silly to me. I don't think middle aged people should be dancing in public. It looks creepy, like they should be wearing leisure suits...but that's just me :) didn't mess w my night, but I bet it ruined hers. They left a about 20 min later.

I thought I was happy with my ex, and I guess I was, but my life is SO MUCH BETTER now. It did not take me very long without him to realize what a drag on my boat he was.

For anyone who needs this today- Hang In There, the sun eventually comes out again!

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Thanks for that, tigerlilly!

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Awesome post!!

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I totally needed this thank you!

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I thought I was happy with my ex, and I guess I was, but my life is SO MUCH BETTER now. It did not take me very long without him to realize what a drag on my boat he was.


Now when I think of times I thought were happy ones for me, I realize that it was only a time in which xpos was so happy because he was getting exactly what he wanted that he did not put me down or abuse me some how (I now realize that I was verbally, mentally and emotionally abused for over 40 years).

Even the times I was happy, like when we were last able to have our whole family together for Christmas, I realize that my happiness was about the children and grandchildren, NOT xpos. When alone with him, he said and did things to me that my mind tucked away and denied because of the otherwise happy time. He also did overt things when they were around, but I'm sure they didn't really notice because of everything going on and because they were so used to us being like that - that was "just how Mom and Dad were". But they were mild compared to when we were alone and he said them as if he were joking, but I new better.

There are times when I feel a bit lonely and think about what it was like to be part of a couple. But when I think of those times, those memories come forward and I fully realize just what he did to me. Every memory is spoiled by his part in it.

My NEW memories with family and friends and especially with my children and grandchildren are pure and untarnished. And I'm so grateful to have that! I'm glad you can have good times now too.


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And this is how it is done! Love it!

I haven't seen the sad clown and OWUmpteen together but friends of mine have and told me about it back before I forbade anyone to tell me anything about them. They said they look ridiculous - he is an old 40 and she looks like his surly teenage daughter. So creepy.

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