User Topic: Has WS called OW the name you picked for them?
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Mine did last night i asked him how many people do you know in a certain town because a friend of ours moved there and WS oh where at cause he thought they moved north baw he said oh hell no I know to many people there. That's where my question came into play and he said well you already know gutter fish lives there. I dont know is that a score for me or no? He's been staying home I've gotten my courage back and I'm letting him have it when he steps out of line. I haven't posted in a month because weve been working on us we just had our 16th wedding anniversary these years have been hard but I believe he sees that I shouldn't be taken for granted and as for that friend that I've posted about before. WS is finally seeing he and his girlfriend is no good for our relationship don't take this wrong but I don't know you guys and you all are very special to me even they ones that were critical. Thank you SI for helping all of us

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From the very first moment I found out, I have called her The Slut, & asked WH what kind of a low life would try to destroy a family for her own selfish desires.
Then WH found out ( from someone else) some info about OW that really made it obvious that she is a lowlife.
WH has been referring to OW as The Slut pretty much from the first day as well. We have never referred to her by her real name----she does not deserve that respect.

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Yes. He may not utter her real name. We call her Hagrid. Sometimes Hag for short.

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WS does not call her by her name, but by what HE decided to call her. Which is "it". While he owns his own behavior, he also understands that she was behaving as as much of a __________ as he was. And he does not respect her for it, just as he does not respect who he was at the time. Thus....."it". And he actually has worse descriptions for himself at the time.

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NO! He doesnt mention the Filth at all which makes me very very suspicious. Nor dos he call the RHino a Rhino. He calls her by her stupid hyphenated name.

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No, I call her slut and whore (hell, I call him that too when I'm raging) but her calls her "she" and "her" since I no longer allow him to refer to her as "the young lady"! Seriously, he did.

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He told me just about 30 min ago that he has had no contact with her( gutter fish troll because seriously she looks like a troll) since day before DDay June 16th 2012 no I will never forget Fathers day.... We got on the topic because we got a private call and when I answered they hung up. With WS's calling the OW names do you think he's being sincere that we as BS need them to be? It felt good but I'm still iffy you know because I don't think the whole truth has came out.

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I love the names lol. My friend says she looks like one of the Simpson characters

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For a time MrH would call xOw1 Fingercuffs (Chasing Amy reference) because she bragged about doing two guys at once.

Basically though I call them by their names. I guess it's to make it more real to him that he had GFs while M rather than trying to make them into caricatures.

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yes. we both call her bitchface

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My kids swear OW has a dick.

I call her a horse, or a man.

STBX calls her "the biggest mistake of my life"

yet...the papers are signed.

*so pathetic my life has become*

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One of the ways I refer to her is "whore". He calls her "horse".

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No, but I notice that he does call Fatty B "OW" lately to me with a little p.s.: "as you call her", he says. He apparently notes the jargon.

I think I've never actually said the nickname around him, we don't discuss it.

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Well its been 24 hours since he's been home so I guess he left me I should of seen this coming hmm Im not ok right now I know I will in do time but I'm not know only two hrs sleep I hope gutter fish troll takes his shit because I'm not taking him back even though I do love him I'm not doing the 100 percent and him 0

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Yes we both call her psycho bitch or miss piggy. We never use her given name. I also call her whore slut the usual...

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LOL, no. For a time I called her "your special friend" (in a very sarcastic tone), which really bugged him. More effective than "loser psycho bitch", because that sounds mean and petty (although completely true), whereas "your special friend" is superficially nice while making clear that he was full of shit about her and their so called friendship.

He tried really hard not to talk about her at all. Finally just referred to her as "she".

But we all know that she is, was, and always will be a loser psycho bitch.

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I thought CumDumpster was pretty funny and call her that, and WH does too. In front of the kids we clean it up to CD. In MC, however, I call her by her name. It's a bit like Voldemort... I don't want to give her power by refusing to say her name.

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