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So WW shut my cell phone off. Then when I can home told me how OM was a great fuck, huge dick, and could eat her out like nobody's business. Going to make it a whole lot easier to file tomorrow. I can't wait to be free.

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I'm so sorry, she is a cold hearted person to treat you this way. You definitely deserve better and congrats on getting on the path to obtaining it

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She sounds like a really vindictive bitch! But that should be your wakeup call as to what to expect after you file. Start thinking strategically to protect yourself from any future surprises.

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Wow. I am sorry to hear she is being such a hateful bully. No ine deserves to be spoken to like that.

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Wow! Holy fucking claws on her!

She's just saying that shit to hurt you. I'm sorry you're going through this.

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What a fucking bitch!!!!!! Just know that you are better off without her in your life. Get rid of the slut.

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Geeze, what a class act.

No, he IS a huge dick . . . . .and that great fu*k shit wears off after time.

Tell her good luck with that and she need to go live with him so he can do it to her when ever they feel like it

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What a looney toon. I'm sorry she lashed out at you. Just shows how immature and selfish she is. File today. Your new beginning is going to be amazing.

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I would have had to look at her smug face and say "then what does he see in you?" and leave her to figure out just what you meant by it....but that's just me. I'm a bit rude...

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She is disgusting. FTB

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That's just awful, I am so sorry you have to deal with that.

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I think WS's who say stuff like that are examples of how off-their-rockers they become once they begin their affairs. It's almost like any lie will do. My xh said inappropriate things to make me angry.... then, if I would have become angry, in his mind he was more justified to continue on the wayward path. It made it easier for him to pull away if I was being witchy, if that makes sense. I quickly learned not to become angry as it would add fuel to his fire. Instead, I would make calm, thoughtful responses. It's like dealing with small children who throw tantrums. Engaging in the craziness with your WS is what she wants because it makes it easier for her to do what she's doing. Don't fuel the crazy.

If you have documentation of when she has disappeared for days, with or without your children, have it with you when you go to court. She doesn't appear to be stable at all.

Good luck, hoping it goes well for you....

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If you haven't, start protecting yourself financially and listen to your L. Also if you don't have one get a VAR(voice activated recorder) and keep it with you at all times. If she is this vindictive now, the D proceedings are likely to get messy. Don't let her bait you into any arguments and don't engage her unless it's via email or text. 180 and detach and now it will be okay eventually. Come her to vent as needed and always remain calm around her. I wish you the best.

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Wow! What a class act she is. My STBXH is very vindictive also. He shut my phone off and gave me a go phone. He does things weekly to try to control me and just upset me. Don't trust anything she says to be the truth especially when the divorce proceedings start, that is when they get worse. Things that you never imagined them doing, they will do and you are better not to even react. Just contact your L. Good Luck with everything!

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Let me tell you I had bigger/better (two VERY different things, BTW) than the sad clown and I've NEVER told him about it. Ever.

You don't need to when its true.

Aside from the patent cruelty she is simply a classless fuckwit.

I may have reached a point where I'd piss on him if he was on fire.... eventually!!

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wow, just wow. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

She is making this shit up just to hurt can see that right?

What a grad-a fucking TWAT.

File those papers brother, you do not need to listen to that pile of human garbage and her nasty mouth for one minute longer.


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Holy hellcat! Lawyer up! And start carrying a VAR. She is out for blood. She is the enemy now. She tried to hit you where it would hurt the most (don't let it - recognize it for what it is - a low blow from a desperate woman).

Post here - vent here. With her - Go completely dark. NC! (kids and finances only!) Protect your assets! And yourself - VAR - Now! Do not say or write anything you don't want showing up in court to bite you in the ass!

Hang tough! ((khrisdeus))

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My lawyer this morning advised me to let her waste all of her money. Let her pay to file, let her try to put things into action. He said don't leave the home because her attorney is advising her not to. He said my money will last longer reacting to her, than her money will last her coming at me first. Instead of trying to file this, and file that to anticipate her actions, only address what she throws at me.

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That sounds like really good advice as long as you are protected from the damage she could do to herself financially. If she doesn't file right away, you probably should. My ex maxed out credit cards and began to live like he knew the world was going to end before any bill was due. Thankfully he was responsible for EVERYTHING that happened after our date of separation.

What an evil b*tch! Don't give her another opportunity to say such nonsense. Treat her like an ugly picture on the wall (don't talk or look at her) that comes to life only when you need to discuss something *IMPORTANT* about the kids and finances. She doesn't deserve your attention or kindness, give her nothing but crickets.

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My lawyer this morning advised me to let her waste all of her money.

The problem with this statement is right now, her money is your money. Her credit is your credit, and her time is your time.

I understand what your lawyer is saying, but he doesn't have to life with her either.

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Remember, all assets and debts are marital at this point. Think about that. If she starts racking up debt, it is marital debt... You might want to discuss that with your L and the best way to protect yourself.

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Well......I don't want to be too crude here but I think I would have said..."Yeah, it appears OM sucked your brains right out of your twat. I didn't even know that was possible but you are living proof"!

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My L is putting a request for relief through which would make her legally responsible for half the bills while she lives here, he also said her L said she was filing today. If so I should be getting served soon

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