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Content  Posted: 8:08 PM, November 13th (Wednesday)

On the 15th it will be a year since I have been divorced. I learned a lot about me in that time. I have read here so much! I finally learned that he truly was/ is no friend. There have been countless lies, deceptions, and ommissions on his part for the last six years. I have learned that I lied to me almost as much as he did.
I also have now learned that I can and did put a stop to all of it. I am good and worthy of friendship and love! I am finally understanding that it was never about me at all!
I am another step closer to indifference.
Life is getting better all of the time and truly I am now starting to really get why the why no longer matters.
Take care of yourselves.

Life is meant to be lived, not numbed!

In his quest for freedom, he set me free!

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Default  Posted: 8:40 AM, November 14th (Thursday)

Thank you for sharing this.

Divorced 7/11/14. New Beginning on the Gulf of Mexico. It's real nice.

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Yay for one year D anniversaries and continuing the slow and steady path to indifference. (Okay, maybe not as steady as we would like that path to be...)

My one year is coming up on the 19th
Here's to us getting free

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Tesla, your right, not a steady path but it is now a nice path

I have followed your story. So sorry. I really think I am one of the lucky ones.

Take care of you and Teslet.

Life is meant to be lived, not numbed!

In his quest for freedom, he set me free!

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I find that each antiversary is like a new point of progress in moving forward.

It will be 3 yrs since I was blindsided by Dday on January 11th, it's starting to no longer really matter.

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Someone here called it a reversary once. I like that one year of progress of reversing the damage done by these losers. Congrats!

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