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I had a huge NB step forward a couple of weeks ago and never posted about it. My DS13 made his Catholic Confirmation and for the first time in many years I had to be face to face with my XWW. It started out with her trying to run the show as usual. She persuaded my DS to pick her fiancé as his sponsor. The guy is not even Catholic but as my son chose him I kept my mouth shut. I have never met this guy before and it would be our first meeting. Naturally she tried to make things difficult for me by only ordering one ticket for myself. While she had her inner circle all there. But I insisted on anther ticket and took a lady friend with me. When I got to the church they had arranged seating so I had to sit with her and her cronies. Her fiancé and my DS were in another part of the church awaiting the opening ceremony. So as I'm looking for my seats in this crowded church I spot her. My lady friend and I walk over and the XWW pretends not to notice me. Awkward to say the least. But when I say hello she says "Oh I did not recognize you. You look much older" Dig #1 completed. My lady friend interrupts and says "I don't know about older, he looks pretty good to me" Way to go lady friend. So we sit down and wait for the ceremony to start. XWW has her ego inflated as her fiancé is about 15 years younger than her. As I have never seen him before I was expecting something else all together. But when he and my DS walked in I almost laughed out loud. He is a short little dude with a shaved head. I have nothing against shaved heads, but some people just don't look right with them. And he is one of those. He is wearing a cheap suit that don't fit correctly with a shirt and tie that looked like he got them in the red dot section of Walmart. He is certainly not a handsome man at all. But we get thru the ceremony without further incident.

We get outside and now its time for the introductions. That went pretty good as her fiancé is a nice guy. We were joking and making small talk. They had made plans to go to dinner and invited us to come along. I did not want to go but my son asked me to come. So off we went. By coincidence we were both parked near each other and started to walk in the direction of our respective cars. My lady friend reached out and held my hand and naturally my XWW grabs ahold of her BF like he is gonna run away. His car is parked closer and its a huge pick up loud exhaust, tricked out with lots of chrome and after market accessories. It sits really high and I had a laugh watching her old ass jumping up to get in it. My son wanted to ride with me so we said we would see them at the restaurant. My lady friend whispers in my ear and says "Think he is compensating much with that truck" Another good laugh courtesy of her. We get to the place and its a glorified burger joint. I asked my son how come we didn't go to a nicer place. He says he likes it there. Its his day so let him be happy right ?

We go in and she and the fiancé follow along with her friends. I sit down next to my lady friend and the BF sits right in front of me causing XWW to sit in front of my lady friend. My XWW is an attractive woman but she is very insecure about her looks and works very hard to fight off old age. My lady friend is younger than my XWW and is pretty with a very nice body. Naturally my XWW hates her off the bat. I inform the table that dinner is on me as my XWW had paid for everything else. I tell them to order whatever they want. The waiter come over and takes the drink orders. I ask him to bring a bunch of apps to tide us over till the main course. XWW throws out dig #2 stating out loud "I know you just retired, are you sure you want to spend all this money and that's a lot of food" Lady friend jumps in again and says "Don't worry we got it" So all the apps come out and they are all devoured. The fiancé has a big appetite and had no problem helping himself. Which made me comfortable and he and I were just bullshiting back and forth. As I said he is a nice fellow and I actually like him. He is very sarcastic like myself and he was zinging my XWW all over the place. The main course comes and my XWW ordered the same as I did. Her BF ordered a burger and fries but when he saw what she was having he asked her to trade. Which she did after complaining for a bit.

One of her friends who I have never met before commented on how my son looks like me and compliments us by saying she now sees where he gets his good looks from. I'm of Irish decent with blonde hair and blue eyes and light coloring. My XWW has black hair and dark features and is of Hispanic decent. My son has my hair color and looks very Irish. (Dominant gene my ass) So XWW naturally has to dispute the compliment. Anyways we finish dinner and the XWW is complaining that she really wanted what she ordered for dinner. Her fiancé tells her it was very good. We both had ordered French dip roast beef sandwiches with garlic mashed and a veg. I only ate half my sandwich so offered her what was left. She actually took it and ate it, all the while giving her poor BF dirty looks. Hey better him than me. We order desert and coffee and I give my son a card with $300.00 in it. To him that's a small fortune and his eyes light up. She naturally takes it away from him saying she will hold onto it for when he wants something. She's not bad that way and will use it for him so I have no problem with that. During desert her BF starts flirting a bit with my lady friend. He is trying to be charming in his own goofy way. He said something complimentary to my lady friend and my XWW grabs ahold of him and says directly to him "Fucking really" He and I both laughed it off while she was pissed. I then said to him jokingly "What do I look like to you, a farm team for women ?" We both laughed again and by then the XWW had enough and announced she wanted to leave. I paid the check and left a huge tip all in cash. In saying goodbye the fiancé said we should do this again sometime. XWW interjected and said "I don't think so" I reminded her that we have graduation in June that we all must attend. Again she looked pissed, so we said goodbye and left. Now I have felt her wrath before and I'm sure the BF got an earful when they got home. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in their house. Lady friend and I drove off and had a good laugh at the experience. She and I went to my place for the weekend and had a nice time. She said to me that I'd better take her to the graduation in June as she has not had that much fun in years. So what started out as a way for my XWW to rub my nose in it, turned into a fun night where the tables were turned on her. NB can be fun sometimes.

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Ah stronger, you are one of my heroes. I heart your b.s. free matter-of-factness. I''m glad your son had a good day and that you were able to find the humor in the nonsense.

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What a great read!!

Awesome. Looking forward to the graduation story.

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She said to me that I'd better take her to the graduation in June as she has not had that much fun in years.

My kinda gal.

Way. To. Go.

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That is awesome, Stronger. Way to play it cool and have your XWW implode.


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Oh my! What an awesome way to turn that situation around! Love it.

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Thanks for the smile. What an awesome story.

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I LOVE your stories!

Congrats to your son!


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That's awesome! I'm grinning from ear to ear! I would kill for that experience! hehehe

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What a great story!!

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Oooooooh, love it!

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Your lady friend is AWESOME and you are awesome.

"What do I look like to you, a farm team for women ?"

She said to me that I'd better take her to the graduation in June as she has not had that much fun in years.

The fiance sounds pretty awesome too. I feel sorry for him but....

Hey better him than me.


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Your date sounded amazing too!

Great story

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I really like your lady friend.

And I'm really glad for your son's sake that everything went as well as it did.

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What a fabulous story.

And the greatest part? Your indifference. Great job!

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What a fabulous story.
And the greatest part? Your indifference. Great job!

^^^^^^^ this

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Thank you all. It was nice to have good story to share here for once. Oddly enough XWW has been very civil since this happened. Even offered me 2 extra days of visitation last weekend as my son was off from school Mon. and Tue. I'm sure the fiancé who most likely was filled with all sorts of horror stories about me is the catalyst for this after he met me. He seems to know how to handle her quite well. Maybe its because he is so much younger than her or perhaps he is just a decent guy. Or dare I even say it was shown that we all have moved on. But since meeting up she is more personable. She even sent me an 8x10 and 5x7 graduation photo my son took recently. Normally I would get a wallet sized photo if anything. I'm taking lady friend out for dinner Sunday night as well. So fingers crossed that my luck holds out a bit further.

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They do run out of puff eventually. Its really hard to fight with someone who isn't fighting with you. That's my hope anyway.

So fingers crossed that my luck holds out a bit further.

Not that you need it but fingers crossed!!

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Yay!!!! Sounds like you have a keeper in that lady friend! XWW's BF though? Sounds as if he may have had it with XWW. And she may have picked someone like herself. Not sure I like his flirty ways.

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I don't either Lynnm. But I would be lying if I said that her getting a dose of her own medicine didn't make me take a bit of pleasure. He was not that overtly flirty. But my lady friend I noticed. And so did the XWW

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Awesome story!!

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Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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