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We were chatting late into the night last night, as we often do, and the subject of her father came up. She refers to him as either her "biological father" or "he who shall remain nameless." She was talking to me about a conversation she had with her older brother regarding some things XPOS was sending to DS, but he would only send it to DS in a way such that "your mother" (me) would not be able to touch it. Juvenile, yeah I know. Anyway, DD said he had told her similar things in the past, i.e., I will give you this but I don't ever want your mother to have it. DD said, without a bat of an eye, "He is the one that cheated on you all those years, but he wants to act like YOU did something wrong when everyone knows it was him. I guess he needs to blame someone else because he couldn't keep it in his pants." Bingo! I told her he will likely continue to blame me, and that's okay because I know the truth and that is all that matters. She responded, "Mom, we ALL know the truth."

Love that kid...

Oh, and the things he is trying to send DS in such a way that I won't touch them? Well, DS will be moving back home when he gets out of the military next summer and all those sacred "things" will be coming right back to my house...and XPOS knows he will be living with me... childish idiot...

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What a great kid!

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Wow. What great kids. Obviously take after their mother.

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What a great kid! I don't know that mine completely understands it but I have told him that likely wen he has his own family one day he will understand. As much as I would like to say what a douche his father is I don't. I just say he is still your father.

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