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User Topic: He would just die if I called him romantic, but
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Default  Posted: 7:23 PM, November 19th (Tuesday)

The other night, they held a dance at the retirement community where my SO and I are living in sin. We had never danced together and I told him a week ago that I wanted a dance with him.

So.......several slow songs were played. We just sat there. Finally one started and he asked me to dance! He ended the dance with a quick kiss. The song? I asked him if he chose that song on purpose, and he said that the words seemed appropriate.

Here are the first two lines:

Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?
Will you be my partner every night?

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Cool  Posted: 8:52 PM, November 19th (Tuesday)

Love this !
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Default  Posted: 9:17 PM, November 19th (Tuesday)

Awwwwww...... so sweet

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Default  Posted: 8:57 AM, November 20th (Wednesday)

Awe! I love it!!!! You'll never forget your first dance with him

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Default  Posted: 9:03 AM, November 20th (Wednesday)

Love it!

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Default  Posted: 12:02 PM, November 20th (Wednesday)

Awwww!!!! How sweet!!!

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