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So, I'm up at this late hour due to flu, and now one of my twins seems to have it. I know the lecture on NC, but given my present position with mediation, etc., I keep some tabs.

Get a load of these gems:

As a recap, 23 year old homewrecker with two kids by two men who started affair with my husband when her youngest was probably about 6 months old, oldest less than two, and my twins 15 months, was deployed from January until October 8. Since then, she lives with my STBX, apparently, AND DOES NOT EVER HAVE HER KIDS. As in not even overnight. Maybe visits them once a week at her mom's. WTF!!!!!!!!!! Gone for ten months then totally blowing off two kids under 3?

Holy shit. My ex looked like he wanted to crawl in a hole when he admitted it (only because he was surprised and didn't have a handy lie available, heh heh).
Holy fuck. What kind of mom VOLUNTEERS to deploy b/c her "guilt" *cough* over having an affair, then comes home and has nearly nothing to do with her kids?

Wow. Just wow. So, needless to say, guess the honeymoon gets to continue.

You know, I feel so fucking good about myself right now.


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Goes to show you the integrity (or lack thereof) the OW has. It just reaffirms my position that one should always give the WS just what they want. Let them experience real life with these maggots they find for themselves. Best part of it all is that you can sit back looking like a rose.

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Well she clearly needs to win mother of the year!

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What kind of mom VOLUNTEERS to deploy b/c her "guilt" *cough* over having an affair, then comes home and has nearly nothing to do with her kids?

The same type of mom who spends all of her time and effort on someone else's husband and destroying the family of 2 very young children. She's a disgusting POS and likely exactly what your ex deserves. If his brain was working at all he'd see that a woman who doesn't give a shit about her own kids most definitely can't give a shit about someone else. He destroyed his family in exchange for something like her. He should be VERY embarrassed.

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