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I usually don't try to dissect anything that ex douche says. I try to stay as NC as possible except for kid issues. This comment came up in the context of a kid issue.

My DS wanted to talk to me earlier about a friend in school who is one of those kids that runs hot and cold. She sort of gets off on stringing him along and it makes my blood boil. I've tried to explain to DS in the past that you can't give your valuable friendship to someone who tosses it back in your face every other day. At first, he would get real defensive. He then started to loosen his desire to always make excuses for this other kid. Well, when he talked to me today, he was with the ex and told me that he now sees that I was right all along, that this friend is not worth it, and that he doesn't want to hang around with her anymore.

So, I get a text from ex saying that DS also told him he wasn't going to hang around this kid anymore. He then said, "like most things, he learned for himself."

Huh. Interesting. I wonder what ex has learned on his own these last three years ...

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Hmm... I'll hazard a guess:

He's learned that it totally sucks to share a bed with your kids in Tiny House?

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He's learned that it totally sucks to share a bed with your kids in Tiny House?

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He is blind. And you did great. I try to just lead my kids in the right direction with good values and constantly undo the damage she does.

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