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He still refuses to take the poly. Is it his ego? Or is he hiding more shit? You would think if a man loves his wife (like he does), he would take a f... polygraph to give me peace of mind. Don't you think, I would really appreciate getting feed back on this subject. All different point of views are welcome.

He would rather see our marriage end than take the polygraph. It doesn't make sense ...

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Well, if you refuses to ask you for forgiveness, then he will likely not take the poly either.

He does not seem remorseful or willing to do what it takes to help you heal. It could be bc he is hiding something. It could be that in his mind he has done enough (?!). It could be any number of things but the fact of the matter is that he won't do what you need him to do.

So, do what you can do help you heal.

I am sorry ((livebythesea)).

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It doesn't really matter why he will not take the poly. What matters is he boldly telling you that your needs and peace of mind do not matter.

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I agree


What matters is he boldly telling you that your needs and peace of mind do not matter.

I would let him go find a new place to live. Let him know if he is so worried about the lousy $875.00 a poly would have cost, his new life will cost a whole lot more.

Draw your line in the sand.

He would rather see our marriage end than take the polygraph. It doesn't make sense ...

^^^ he doesn't believe you will end it

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He's absolutely hiding something. No doubt in my mind.

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If it were me, I'd sure think he was hiding.
Even if not, as already pointed out, he's basically telling you he doesn't give a damn about your sense of safety.
Either way, not good...

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Love is a verb. It is actions and choices and sacrifices and empathy. Is he even capable of love, with anyone?

He is selfish and unremorseful and wants no consequences for his actions for himself, and is unwilling to try to repair the consequences of his actions that have fallen on you.

You are worthy of so, so, so much more.


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Mine refused a poly also. He got defensive, said it was a waste of money and I was never going to be happy no matter the outcome. He also said they are inconclusive.
Thing is, I didn't actually "want" him to take one, just wanted to see his reaction to me asking.
I got what I was looking for, I guess.

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Lives, i thought you had made a final decision? Unless I've missed something important, I'm wondering why it matters? He has never changed his spots. At any cost. A very sad and broken man.
Don't let him keep you prisoner. Life is very short, he's taken so much of yours.

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