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(I hope this works, I've never posted photos before).

I ended up with both my rings and WXH's ring after we divorced. I wanted to use the gold and the main diamond toward a repurposed ring that would represent my new beginning/new family. I initially looked into it a few years ago, but didn't have the money. Now I do, and an amazingly talented jeweler here designed and will be creating this. These are only computer renderings, not the real thing. As I said, the diamond is from the engagement band, and I've always LOVED this diamond, the other stones are my kids' birthstones. The ferns along the side represent our "other" country and the one where my youngest child was born.

The ring should be ready before Christmas! As a funny aside, I was told yesterday, by the jeweler (just a young guy in his late 20s, I would guess), that I have very straight, "model-like" fingers. He has no idea the boost that gives my poor, middle-aged ego.

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Gorgeous!! Congrats.

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What a unique & interesting ring! I bet you'll get lots of comments & inquiries!

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Wow--that is really gorgeous and so very unique and interesting. Good for you. And your very model-like fingers!

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Wow. Even the computer renderings are amazing!

For my 10th anniversary, I had a bracelet commissioned with all of our birthstones, including the ones of the babies I miscarried. It was a beautiful piece of jewelry and the only one I regret melting down after d-day. I kept the stones, and one of these days I'll make something like that ring (minus the ex's stone…too bad his b-day stone is a diamond!)

But I don't have model-like fingers

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Cmego, I didn't know I had model-like fingers, either!!

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That is really lovely! Very cool NB ring.

I didn't have one custom made, but I did buy one that I had been pining over for almost a year. I love it and get tons of compliments on it. I barely think of my wedding set anymore because I enjoy wearing my cool, NB ring so much.


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